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Just Mobile Lazy Couch™ [Review]

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Folks, I’m gonna keep this one as simple as the product itself. Called the Lazy Couch™, this small laptop accessory has been designed by Just Mobile, a company known for its iconic products such as the Xtand for iPhone / iPod, Gum Max Pro battery pack and AluPen Pro to name a few. It is meant to keep your laptop elevated for a more comfortable typing experience and more importantly, to keep it running cooler and quieter by facilitating air circulation underneath.


  • High-quality aluminium construction
  • Fits most laptops and tablets
  • Provides more comfortable typing experience
  • Cooler and quieter operation
  • Clip it for storage, perfect for traveling


  • 1.6 x 1.6 x 1.4 inches



Just like any other Just Mobile product, the Lazy Couch™ comes packaged in a decent looking box. You get a pair of mini stands, Just Mobile product catalog and a couple of logo stickers.

The two circular stands are made up of high quality non-slip rubber and solid aluminum which perfectly matches the finish of Apple’s MacBook lineup. The two can be easily interlocked together to form a neat portable package (and serve as a nice looking paper weight too).

The stands are meant to be used on a flat surface such as a desk, though I use it on my cushion too. You keep them at a slight distance on the desk and put your MacBook or just about any laptop over them. You can always adjust their positioning until you feel comfortable. The non-slip rubber on top as well as at the feet ensures maximum stability.

As advertised, the stands works to raise the laptop at a more ergonomic position for easier typing as well as to allow air circulation underneath to help with cooling. I’ve personally noticed a much quieter MacBook pro (with fans running a lot less) with these underneath.

You can also use it with an iPad, thus keeping it at an ideal angle for typing.


Though the Lazy Couch™ is not a necessity for all, but if anyone’s looking for a neat looking, relatively inexpensive (as compared to laptop cooling fans) portable solution that can keep a laptop running cool and quiet, this should definitely be on the list.

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