MobileMe iDisk iPhone App Finally Released

After a long delay, subscribers of Apple’s MobileMe cloud service finally will have access to iDisk files on their iPhones! The MobileMe iDisk app was released yesterday in the App Store.

I’ve been waiting for this app for a while now. Now I can access my files, photos, pictures, images, or anything else on the go, right on my iPhone. You can easily share your files with others via email and it’s great if you need to refer to notes or documents on the go. You can allocate 0-200MB of your iPhone’s storage for iDisk files.


The only downside with the MobileMe iDisk app was the long wait. This app has been highly anticipated and I rank it up there with other Apple iPhone apps such as Keynote Remote and Remote. The interface is simple and very easy to use. If you’re looking for alternatives, be sure to check out our Air Sharing review.


Future features I’d like to see would be moving pictures/videos from the iPhone to iDisk straight on the iPhone. That would make sharing pictures even easier. For the MobileMe users out there, are you happy now that iDisk has finally been released in the App Store?

Click here to download MobileMe iDisk