MQuickdo for the iPhone Just Got Even Better

MQuickdo For the iPhone Just Got Even Better

For those of you who enjoyed MQuickdo but weren’t sure about paying the 7.99$ fee for the app there’s a new reason to rethink your decision. After a request from your humble servant, the company MCleaner has added a new functionality which revitalizes this already great app.

A Quick Overview of MQuickdo

MQuickdo is an app that gives you the option to have a quick launcher on your locked screen. No more “slide to unlock” to launch your favorite app. MQuickdo lets you pick up to 5 apps that will display on your locked screen and with the touch of the icon, the phone unlocks and opens the app.

The app also gives you an application switcher without closing the app that you were previously in. Simply swipe your finger from bottom to top (it can be changed by going into the settings of MQuickdo) and picking the desired app (again from your 5 pre selected apps) and switching back. This can be useful if you are on Safari and want to track a packaging on USPS of Canadapost but the tracking number is in your mail app. Simply swipe your finger from bottom to top (it can also be from top to bottom) and a menu will appear with 5 icons at the bottom and the opened apps on the right hand side.

What’s New in This Latest Version of MQuickdo?

When I purchased the app, I loved the idea of not having to slide to unlock to go to my emails, phone, facebook, RSS or MMS but I would still have to launch mail to see if there were any actual emails in the mail app. Two weeks ago, I asked MCleaner if they could add the badge icon functionality and it is now a reality with their new update. So anyone who was holding off should now consider it.

Here are the official changes in the update:

The latest version mQuickDo v1.4 supports iPhoneOS 3.0. New feature:

1. add option “enable Badge”.On App Short-cuts or App Swithcer, it enables badge on app icons just the same as on SpringBoard.

2. add option “Voice Control” to Gesture Settings, it is only available for 3GS.

3. add “Tap and Hold for 2 seconds” to Quick Do, which is corresponsive to “Voice Control (3GS) “.

4. When on 1st page or is showing search,slide will scroll to last page.

5.Remove lock screen background and optimize icon.

You can view the video of the features here:

MQuickdo is available in Cydia! Any existing users out there?