NOMAD ChargeCard for the iPhone 5/5S [Review]

A while back NOMAD sent us their ChargeCard for the iPhone 5/5S to try out, to go along with their other ChargeCards in microUSB and Apple 30-pin format (for iPhone 4/4S). What is a ChargeCard you ask? It’s a thin, credit card-sized USB charging cable designed to fit inside your wallet.

ChargeCard’s packaging is as thin as their product, which is great to see. The ChargeCard perimeter is made out of hard plastic while the thin USB cable section is made out of soft rubber. The Lightning connector (or microUSB, 30-pin) is built into the exterior corner to make it more compact.

To charge your iPhone 5/5s with the ChargeCard, you just unhinge the USB cable, plug it into your computer (or USB outlet) and plug the Lightning end into your iPhone 5/5s. What I like about the ChargeCard is its portability factor and that it can fit into your wallet (that is if you have room in your wallet). The build quality of the ChargeCard seems very sturdy and is something that won’t break or be damaged easily.

What are negatives of the ChargeCard? I found the USB cable a bit short which resulted in my iPhone 5s resting at an odd angle when on a flat surface. Since the cable is short, you’ll need to have something to rest your iPhone on if you don’t want to chance risking damage to the Lightning port on your iPhone or the USB port on your computer.

Aside from the above, the ChargeCard retails online for $25 and ships free if you order two or more (find a buddy to split your order with). Due to overwhelming demand, NOMAD currently has a two week shipping delay. But as seen on their Facebook page, but they are owning up to the delays and their founder has been personally responding to complaints.

Check out the images below for more details:

Nomad chargecard01

Nomad chargecard02

Nomad chargecard07

Nomad chargecard08

Below are images of the microUSB ChargeCard:

Nomad chargecard03

…and the Apple 30-pin ChargeCard:

Nomad chargecard04

Here are all three stacked up to each other—you can see how thin they are:

Nomad chargecard09

Nomad chargecard10

You can check out the ChargeCard here—they retail for $25, which may seem ‘pricey’ but you do pay for the minimal design which fits in your wallet, versus carrying a charging cable. Let me know if this is something you’d be interested in.