Nomad Leather Sleeve for MacBook Review

Nomad leather macbook sleeve1

Nomad launched its first leather sleeve for Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air last month, and we recently got the chance to spend some time with this new accessory.

Nomad leather macbook sleeve2

Before we start, we need to get the Nomad Leather Sleeve pricing out of the way—it starts at a hefty $199 USD, which is even more for Canadians after the exchange rate. But if you’re looking a high-quality and premium MacBook sleeve, this the one to get.

Nomad leather macbook sleeve3

This slim sleeve has a high-density EVA shell, which keeps your MacBook Pro or Air very secure. This case has some rugged corners and we can see our M1 MacBook Air easily surviving a drop.

Inside the sleeve, there’s a soft microfibre lining that allows for your laptop to slide in and out of easily. The sleeve on its own is so strong it can act as a weapon against your enemies when flung sideways. It’s not flimsy whatsoever.

Nomad leather macbook sleeve4

A magnetic clasp keeps your precious MacBook inside, held together by 48 magnets. We felt very confident our M1 MacBook Air wasn’t going anywhere in this Nomad leather sleeve, which has reinforced stitching throughout.

Nomad leather macbook sleeve6

Nomad leather macbook sleeve5

The brown Horween leather from the U.S. feels luxurious to the touch (it smells good too) and Nomad brilliantly left a small opening on the side to access your MacBook’s USB-C ports for charging, so you don’t have to remove your laptop.

Nomad leather macbook sleeve8

The Nomad Leather Sleeve is fairly thin as well. It does not feel bulky at all.

Nomad leather macbook sleeve7

Overall, if you’ve been looking for a well-made and good-looking leather sleeve for your 13-inch MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, this Nomad leather sleeve is the one to get. However, at $199 USD, it’s at a premium price point, but you do get what you pay for in this excellent sleeve.

The Nomad Leather Sleeve is available for the 16-inch MacBook Pro ($219 USD) and 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air ($199 USD). It’s currently backordered until February 24, 2021, and given the high quality of this sleeve, we can see why.