Opera Mini for iPhone Preview Coming

When the iPhone was debuted back in 2007, the world was blown away at the web capabilities of mobile Safari. In terms of third party browsers on the iPhone, we haven’t seen anything yet due to Apple’s strict quality controls. However, that trend could change if Opera Mini for the iPhone is allowed to pass.

Opera Mini for the iPhone Preview at 2010 Mobile World Congress

Opera Mini for the iPhone will be previewed at the 2010 Mobile World Congress. The app promises a fast, easy to use web surfing experience that Opera users will come to recognize. With its compression technology, web pages are slated to load faster and minimize data usage. Also features such as tabs, Speed Dial, and password manager are also included in this beta build.

“We are thrilled to offer journalists and partners an exclusive preview of Opera Mini for iPhone during the year’s biggest mobile event,” said Jon von Tetzchner, Co-founder, Opera Software. “This is a unique opportunity to introduce the fast, feature-rich Opera Mini experience for the iPhone, and to showcase our latest beta releases of Opera Mobile and Opera Mini on other platforms and devices. Opera’s mission is to bring the Web to the world, and by making Opera Mini available on yet another platform, we are one step closer.”

Realistically, the release of Opera will never come to the iPhone, as with other Safari competitors like Firefox. Apple won’t allow it, even though users may want an alternative. The real beneficiaries of Opera Mini’s new build will be Blackberry users since their devices are still struggling to load a proper web page (OH NO YOU DIDN’T–yes I did). If you want full screen browsers, take a look at Nightglow and Oceanus (tab support; was free)

Thanks to everyone who sent this in (J Holtslander)!