Organise the Little Things with Orchestra

With iOS 5’s imminent release, some are speculating over the future of 3rd party to-do apps, considering Reminders is baked right into iOS and OS X. An app that really flips the spotlight is Orchestra. This really is an revolutionary to-do app, and I mean it.

I’m going to start with something that’s important to me, and you’ve heard it a thousand times. The visuals. Orchestra has a great user interface that’s both simple to navigate, and pretty to look at. As much as I love apps such as Todo, they just don’t look pretty. They value function over form which is definitely not a bad decision, it’s just not my decision. Orchestra in my opinion seems to value both.

Another thing I noticed is that you can pin your tasks to times such as Today, Soon, and Someday. This makes for a relaxed task entry as you don’t have to think about the special day you’ll dedicate your job to. Cleaning your room, or stringing your guitar doesn’t have to necessarily be done on Thursday at 3:47:28PM, so just set it to someday and get it done when you can. For most tasks, it makes sense to me.

The last thing I’ll talk about is the feature I’ve never seen before in another todo app. You can assign a task to someone else, send them task, talk to them about it, and receive notifications based on it, even if the other person has never used Orchestra before. It is sent all through SMS and works brilliantly. I tried this with my brother and as far as I know, as long as they have a smartphone and Internet when they want to update something on the todo, they’re all set. I find that truly amazing.

Anyways, Orchestra really is a great todo app that has the power to compete with the big boys. It’s been featured on the App Store as well, so you know it’s gotta be good. Oh, and to boot, the whole package is free. Go ahead, find a better deal.

Click here to download Orchestra