‘Please Stay Calm’ Location-Based Zombie Apocalypse MMORPG Debuts in Canada

How would you fare in a zombie apocalypse? Massive Damage Inc., (a new mobile startup by the founders of Canada’s Endloop Studios) wants you to find out in their latest location-based MMORPG, Please Stay Calm. This new game for iOS has launched exclusively in Canada today, and brings along with it some impressive artwork and gameplay.

We spoke with CEO of Massive Damage, Ken Seto, and asked him some questions about Please Stay Calm. Check it out below:

Who helped you design the artwork?

We imported a badass artist from Montreal to join our team in Toronto. He is a pure artistic genius and I’ll keep his name private for now until we get this launch stuff done, otherwise he’ll get swamped with fan mail and it’ll distract him! 😉

What inspired you to create this game and genre?

We thought the current crop of location based games out there haven’t really nailed it yet. Too many are light on the gameplay and too heavily focused on maps. We wanted to take a completely different approach and focused on artwork, mini-games and quick fun gameplay. We think people will get a kick out of fortifying their real life offices and local cafes as safe houses and compete or work together to fight off the zombie hordes.

How long have you spent creating this game?

We’ve been building this game since November of last year. Basically we spent 2 months brainstorming and playing with board games to get the initial concept, then started coding at the beginning of 2011. We’re now a team of 5 and growing fast.

What price will Please Stay Calm debut at?

It’s a free game and all chapter updates will be free as well. If people want to get extra upgrades, they can simply watch short videos for credits or buy them in bulk via in-app purchases.

When will Chapter 2 debut?

We’re aiming for Chapter 2 update to hit in less than a month, just in time for the US and Global launch 🙂

Here is the iTunes description for Please Stay Calm:

The year is 2014 and something terrible has been unleashed unto the world. People are getting sick, the government is out of touch and appears unresponsive. It’s up to you to not only survive but to build, lead, and fight your way to the top as you rebuild this world.


– Massively multiplayer zombie survival gameplay
– Unique location base gameplay that’s easy to play from your home or office
– Explore, hunt zombies and protect your own neighbourhoods
– Scavenge real life locations to find essential supplies
– Simple yet tactical combat mini-game for quick fun zombie bashing
– The simple but tense scavenging mini-game will keep you on your toes
– Work with other survivors in your area to build the most powerful safehouse in your city
– Duel with other survivors to prove your combat skills
– Buy and upgrade awesome weapons like the Chainsaw
– Global chat to talk to your fellow survivors
– Episodic storyline with gorgeous graphic novel cinematics
– Kill zombies, build outposts, upgrade safehouses and rule your city, and perhaps the world!



In my short time with this game, Please Stay Calm has an abundance of features and options, and the game has immense amounts of detail. You can connect your Foursquare account to ‘explore’ locations nearby, where you can scavenge for goods and hunt for zombies. You acquire XP points and cash as you fight zombies in various places. The black market is where you can acquire news weapons and buy supplies.

The graphics in this game are a real treat. I’m barely scratching the surface of Please Stay Calm, and once more people join in on the zombie apocalypse fun, the network of users will continue to grow.

Please Stay Calm is free. Click here to download from iTunes.