Pushme.to Messenger App For iPhone

Do you send a lot of text and/or picture messages with your iPhone? Does your wireless bill add up every month from these messages? If so, take a closer look at the Pushme.to Messenger app.

Pushme.to by Treebune

Pushme.to is a messenger app that is made to send free messages from the internet to an iPhone or iPod Touch. In other words, using Pushme.to, users can send and receive free text and picture messages between their friends using their own iPhones, iPod Touch or other mobile device (receive from other mobile devices).

The benefit here is that using Pushme.to eliminates the monthly fee of paying for text or picture messages from the wireless carrier, as users no longer need to pay their carrier for that service. However, do note that if you send a text/picture message using your wireless carrier, charges will apply, as Pushme.to is simply an alternative method for messages.

By utilizing the app, users can completely bypass paying for SMS or MMS. Of all the types of messages that users can send, one of the largest beneficiaries will be international text message users, as there are no charges to send a message locally, within North America, or anywhere in the world.

Aside from using the app, users can also send messages via the web by navigating to http://pushme.to/nickname. What this means is users do not necessarily need to have an iPhone or iPod Touch to make use of the app and its messaging functions.

If you are looking to pick up Pushme.to, the app comes in two flavors; a free version and a paid version.

The paid version gives priorities for new features, delivers faster support, and does not have advertisements. The free version simply does not have the aforementioned benefits, however it is still as functional. If users begin with a lite account, their user account is fully compatible with the paid version.

Also, users of either the Lite or Full version can install a web widget on their blog, site, or even Facebook profile, so that visitors can send him/her free instant messages!

Pushme.to is available in the App Store for $2.99. The lite version is available for free.

Have you used Pushme.to or a similar service? What do you think?


If you haven’t used Pushme.to yet (or a similar service), I’m going to give away THREE copies today. To win, tell me about your wireless carrier billing horror story!

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