QR Reader for iPhone: The Definitive QR Code Reader And Generator

When searching for an application to supplement all of your QR Code scanning needs, Scan by QR Code City comes up at the top of the list. Take a second and look at your options because you’d be surprised by what else is out there.

QR Reader for iPhone, developed by TapMedia Ltd, is an alternative QR Code reader that while not being any better at scanning than it’s rival Scan, has the convenient ability to produce QR Codes from different types of information. That is what makes QR Code reader stand out from the rest and hold a trusty spot on my dock.

Upon opening the app you have the ability to view your history of scanned codes, your favourite scanned codes, or create a code. You can create a code from a web URL, a phone number, an email address, and more. This is useful if you want to send a QR Code to someone quickly without the need of a computer.

Well, there’s not much to it. Other than obviously having the ability to scan QR Codes, the mere fact that it can generate them too makes bearing the ads (removable for $0.99) a pleasure. Bundle that with the options to launch in or out of scan mode and to save a scanned photo, I can’t spot one reason that someone would choose Scan over QR Reader for iPhone. If the ads are what’s deterring you from the choice, I think you should re-evaluate your decision. Developers need money too!

Click here to download QR Reader for iPhone

Do you prefer QR Reader for iPhone over Scan?