Review: ToneTune

If you have an iPhone and also happen to play an instrument, then you will quickly find ToneTune to be of extreme benefit.

ToneTune by Stanton Studio

ToneTune is a multiple tuning fork that allows you to tune your stringed instrument, for example a guitar, by ear. The app obviously is not for everyone but for those who own instruments, you will know how difficult it can be to tune your instrument, especially if you are just starting new. Searching through the web, books or even paying for lessons can be both tiresome and expensive but ToneTune gets rid of that hassle.

You get over 60 different tunings which cover the typical guitar tunings but you also get a taste of various tunings from around the world, which is pretty neat when you think about it. Most local help books and the like only include local tunings, so at least with this app you will be receiving a few extra bonuses!

So how do you use it? That’s the easy part. You first select your choice of instrument and the tuning and then tap the graphic (pictured above) to get the right tuning. It is recommended that when using ToneTune, use it with headphones or a high quality sound system as opposed to using the iPhone external speaker. That way you will receive the most optimal sound.

Another great benefit to this app, and this is mostly for people who may be just getting into musical instruments, is ToneTune comes with a full help section. This is not just your typical few sentences and that’s it. This is a FULLY detailed help section that makes the process of tuning your stringed instrument very easy.

So for any musical newcomers or even long time pros, check out ToneTune and see if it helps you. You can pick it up at the AppStore for $2.99.

I am curious what tools you guys use for tuning? Do you find books or the web better? Or something entirely different?

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