Switch It: Install the iPhone “App Store” on your iPhone

iPhone 2.0 firmware has already been “cracked”, but the firmware so far has only been available to iPhone developers to use. With tools such as Pwnage, installing iPhone 2.0 firmware will be a breeze once it’s available. For those people eagerly waiting till July 11th for their iPhone 3G, your App Store time is quickly coming around the corner (Rogers & Fido FTW).

What about for the rest of us who want to get that “2.0” look on our original iPhones? Well, with the 3rd party app called Switch-It. The purpose of the program is to give your first generation iPhone a more “2.0” look, by changing around some graphics.

The most notable feature is the your Installer icon, which will turn into the App Store icon. “Yay, look at me, I have iPhone firmware 2.0!”. Also, the calculator layout is also changed, and aside from that not much else is different.

Switch-It reminds me of the days of modifying imports, where you would see “VTEC” stickers plastered all over non-VTEC Hondas/Acuras (so called ricers). Anyways, Switch-It is available on Installer and if you’re looking for a cheap chuckle on a Saturday morning, give this app a try!

When he’s not playing the diamond-studded evil dude in Die Another Day, Rick Yune loves to live his 2Fast 2Furious lifestyle a quarter mile at at time. For those 10 seconds or less, he’s free (props to Vin Diesel for the…err…legendary quote!).

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