Teach The Class In Style With iTeacherbook

From the team that brings iStudiez Pro to the hands of students comes its sister application, iTeacherBook. Designed with teachers in mind, this app is a wonderful ‘redecoration’ of iStudiez Pro with changes such as enrolling students, emailing assignments to your class, and viewing reports on grades and attendance.

iTeacherBook looks a lot like iStudiez, and for a good reason too. The graphics are classy but out of the way. They don’t jump in your face and distract you from the task at hand. The interface is simple and, as hard as it is to say this for most of the apps I run into, straightforward (ahem, Color). Combine these two essential ingredients and you have yourself a great overall experience.

Also, just because the interface is easy to navigate doesn’t mean it’s limited. There’s areas to view individual student profiles, current assignments, courses for the day, and a calendar that pulls it all together. Entering information is quick and easy, and accessing it is quicker and easier.

What I am waiting for in iTeacherbook is some things it currently doesn’t have that iStudiez does have. Well, to be honest there’s only two. Versions for iPad and Mac in addition to iPhone/iPod touch as well, and the ability to sync between the three of them. Until those features come, iTeacherbook is an amazing iPhone/iPod touch exclusive. Just one more app to flaunt to your other-OS touting friends.

I really suggest you take a look at iTeacherBook if your one managing a lot of students or have recently seen the powerful organization of iStudiez. It really does have to potential to recreate what iStudiez has in students, but for teachers. They really did think of everything. Well, until the next update that is.

Click here to download iTeacherbook