Yahoo! Messenger iPhone App 2.0 Allows Video Calls to Computers

Looks like the much anticipated Yahoo! Messenger 2.0 iPhone app has been released in the App Store. This latest update now allows for video calls from your iPhone to your Yahoo! Messenger friends on their computers. It will also allow for video calling over 3G, like the free Tango app.

• NEW – Video calls: Use Yahoo! Messenger to make video calls and stream live video one-to-one †
• NEW – Voice calls: Make free voice calls to your Yahoo! Messenger friends
• NEW – Low cost voice calls: Talk to your friends on their landline or mobile phone, and make low cost international calls with Yahoo! Voice Phone Out account. ††
• NEW – Multitasking: Work with other iPhone apps while Yahoo! Messenger runs in the background†

Connect with your IM friends using video and voice with the newest Yahoo! Messenger app for your iPhone. Make free voice and video calls to your Messenger friends, low cost calls to land line or mobile phones, video calls—plus get new features like multitasking, instant notifications and free SMS.

I don’t use Yahoo! Messenger at all, but for those that do this new capability to make video calls to contacts is pretty neat. You can expect for Apple to integrate FaceTime to work with iChat on OS X, it’s only a matter of time.



You can download the Yahoo! Messenger app for free in the App Store. Have you tried this out yet? How well does it work?