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Freedom Mobile Prepaid Promo: $29/4GB Plan with Unlimited Talk and Text

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Shaw’s Freedom Mobile has launched a promo on its $29 per month prepaid plan after Digital Discount, doubling the data from 2GB to 4GB.

The plan includes unlimited nationwide talk and global SMS/MMS. Extra data can be purchased at $15 for 1GB.

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Of course, there’s always a catch. Buried in the fine print, Freedom Mobile says this promo is only available for 12 months.

“You’ll receive a $60 Service Credit (a $5 monthly credit applied to your account for up to 12 months to a maximum of $60),” which makes it a limited time promotion.

If you’re in an area with good Freedom Mobile coverage and you’re working from home, this might be a cheap monthly plan to consider.

Other Freedom prepaid promos include its $19/1.5GB plan (for 12 months) and also the $99/year prepaid option, which offers either 12 months of Unlimited Talk & Text, 6 months of Unlimited Talk & Text plus 2GB/month or 3 months of Unlimited Talk & Text plus 7GB/month.

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