Freedom Mobile Promo: 25% Off Plans $40 and Up for Chinese New Year


Shaw’s Freedom Mobile has launched a holiday promo targeting Chinese New Year, offering 25% off all plans priced at $40 or higher.

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As spotted at Aberdeen Centre in Richmond, BC, by a RFD user, other forum members have confirmed this offer is available at any Freedom Mobile store, to get a 25% off code to apply online or over the phone.

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This promo applies to plans such as Freedom’s Big Gig plans, while promotional materials note this is a “lifetime discount”.

  • Big Gig 50 with 10GB data: $37.50/month (regular $50)
  • Big Gig + Everywhere Canada 60 with 10GB data: $45 (regular $60)

Again, Freedom Mobile may be an option to consider if you’re a Public Mobile user affected by the recent 25% price hike to their popular $40/4GB plan.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this.