Apple Support

Apple Releases Standalone Support App for iOS in the US

Apple Support, the comprehensive knowledge base of technical support information of Apple, has long been available through its official website along with its official Twitter account. Now, it’s also accessible through the official Apple Support app for iOS, which features articles and customer service options to help answer questions and solve problems you may have […]

Apple Launches “Reimagined” and “Redesigned” Support Site

Apple has launched a new redesigned support site, as announced yesterday from their @AppleSupport Twitter account. It’s a much cleaner site now that’s easier to navigate, check out the screenshots below: Search is front and centre, plus it lists popular topics, links to the Support Communities, and more. Check out the new site here.

Apple Doubles iCloud Limits for Contacts, Calendars and More

In an updated support article spotted by the folks over at, Apple has doubled the iCloud storage limits for Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, and Bookmarks, since a number of users have been reporting issues keeping changes up to date across all their devices, most likely because they have exceed one or more of their limits. Apple recommends that in...

How Notifications are Smartly Handled on Apple Watch and iPhone

One of the best features of Apple Watch is how the device handles notifications between itself and the iPhone. Notifications are only sent to the device you’re using, so that means you won’t have a billion notifications going off on your iPad, Mac and so forth. So for example, if your iPhone is unlocked, notifications...

Apple Begins Offering Paid Online Support for Out-of-Warranty Products

Last month, we reported that Apple will begin charging users that are seeking online chat support for products that are no longer covered under warranty. According to 9to5Mac, Apple has now started offering paid online chat support for out-of-warranty products to its customers, while also introducing a new “Here to Help” training program for AppleCare employees to improve the...