Nintendo Announces New Subsidiary Company Partnership With DeNA

Nintendo has announced that it is partnering with mobile games developer DeNA Co Ltd. to kickstart a new subsidiary company. The new company will be focused on strengthening Nintendo's business operations across various devices. The new company is being dubbed Nintendo Systems Co Ltd and is set to open in April 2023 in Tokyo, according...

Nintendo’s First Mobile Title Revealed–and it’s Super Weird

This came a little earlier than anticipated (we weren't expecting it until tomorrow, as reported here, but it's already tomorrow in Japan), and far, far weirder than anticipated too. Nintendo has just revealed the first mobile title in its lengthy partnership with DeNA. Gamers everywhere were incredibly excited for new, original, Nintendo content to hit...

Nintendo to Offer Details On First Mobile Game Tomorrow

It’s about time! Back in March, late Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced a partnership with developer DeNA that would see Nintendo’s beloved franchises introduced on mobile platforms. Few details were revealed at the time aside from the note that games would be delivered via “a new game distribution portal this autumn, which will be the […]