iOS Developer Survey Reveals ‘Top 20% of Developers Earning 97% of Revenue’

Canadian iOS developer Owen Goss, from Streaming Colour Studios (based out of Guelph, Ontario) recently created a survey designed specifically for iOS developers. After it was all said and done, 252 devs completed his survey, as summarized in his meticulous analysis of the results. Owen’s conclusion on revenue: What is fascinating to me is that the […]

MobileMe Changeover to iCloud Will Result in 25GB Total Storage

Are you a MobileMe user? It now appears Apple has enabled developers to transfer over their annual allotted 20GB storage from MobileMe to iCloud, for free, according to 9to5Mac. This will result in 25GB total storage (5GB free + 20GB MobileMe) upon iCloud’s launch this Fall, until June 30th, 2012. The following Apple support document […]

[Update] Apple Releases iOS 5 Beta 5 to Developers

Update 2: The OTA update has appeared after following Apple’s instructions below. Others were lucky and didn’t have to erase all content and settings. Downloading! Update 1: The OTA update is still making its away out…nothing in Canada for me here at least. Some users have been able to get it. Stay tuned! Screen thanks […]

Lodsys Responds to Apple, Sues Developers, Revolutionizes ‘Douchery’

Lodsys has written a lengthy response on their blog today responding to Apple and also filed lawsuits against developers. The company also boldly claims to pay out $1000 USD to developers who prove them wrong. Here’s some info from their blog: Lodsys’ Response to Apple The letter was very surprising as Apple and Lodsys were in […]

Days to Sell Out Developer Events: Google I/O vs WWDC

Horace Dediu of Asymco breaks down the number of days it takes to sell out developer events, comparing Google I/O to Apple’s WWDC: After the iPhone SDK was launched, the WWDC took on a new dimension. It became a mobile development event. As a result, 2008 was the first year when WWDC sold out. Attendance […]

iOS 4.3 Golden Master Seeded to Developers

Yesterday, Apple announced that iOS 4.3 would be released next week on March 11th along with iPad 2. Today, 4.3 GM has been seeded to developers. This release is build number is 8F190. iTunes Home Sharing and Personal Hotspot are some of the most anticipated features. From a developer email: Get your apps ready today […]

Apple Releases iAd Producer 1.0 for Mac to Create iAds

Earlier today Apple released iAd Producer 1.0 for the Mac. This app will allow developers to create “high-impact, motion-rich ads”. iAd Producer is Apple’s graphical environment for creating iAd rich media ads for the iAd Network. Whether you’re a designer or a programmer, iAd Producer helps you design and create interactive, compelling ads with little […]

PayPal Mobile Payments Library Available for iOS Developers

Are you an iOS developer that wants a better way to integrate in-app payments? PayPal has now setup their Mobile Payments Library to make it easier for developers. Here’s a brief description: With our mobile libraries, you can start accepting in-app payments in a matter of minutes. As always, you can use the library for […]

Apple Push Notification Service to Use 2048-bit TLS/SSL Certificates

More developer news from Apple today. Earlier it was announced App Store promo codes are now redeemable worldwide. Another email sent to developers mentions Push Notifications will now have use stronger encryption in the form of 2048-bit TLS/SSL certificates. The email below states: Dear Developer, On December 22, 2010, the production Apple Push Notification service […]

iTunes Connect Holiday Shutdown: Dec. 23-28

iTunes Connect just sent out an email reminder to developers that they will have their holiday shutdown from December 23-28. That means during this time, new releases, app updates and pricing changes won’t be in effect during this period. Even iTunes Connect needs a holiday, right? As per the email: iTunes Connect will be temporarily […]

Apple Releases iOS 4.2.1 GM To Developers

Apple has just released a new GM seed of iOS for developers. iOS 4.2.1 has just been posted. Apple previously released iOS 4.2 GM, only to seed a new version for the iPad (to fix a WiFi issue). When will iOS 4.2.1 final come? Your guess is as good as mine. There’s less than two […]