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Fido Adds 50 Minutes To Select Plans & 5PM Evenings, Updates Data Add-ons

This week, Fido has updated some of their monthly postpaid plans and have also updated their data add-ons. Voice Plan Changes  In response to Koodo’s new Canada-wide price plans, Fido has added 50 more minutes and 5PM evenings to following price plans: $25 Voice Plan: 50 more minutes (150 total); 5PM evenings $30 Incoming Voice […]

Is Your iOS 4.3.3 iPhone Signal Cutting Out On Fido?

After recently updating my (non-jailbroken) iPhone 4 to iOS 4.3.3, I immediately noticed that my Fido signal drops out completely and then resets itself immediately about twice every 24 hours. For example, the Fido signal will do something like this: 5 Bars > 4 Bars > 3 Bars > 2 Bars > 1 Bar > […]

Fido Improves Lost/Stolen Functionality On

This week, Fido has completed an update to its My Account page on The update now enables users to reactivate service if they have put a lost or stolen block on their account. The update is a new self-serve option on the My Account page of Previously, customers who called or visited Fido […]

Reminder: Rogers/Fido To Increase Text Message Rate To $0.20 Per Message

Just a reminder from a report back in January 2011 that as of March 16, 2011, that’s in two days, Rogers/Fido will be increasing the per-message text message rate and all non-premium message rate to $0.20 from $0.15 per sent and received message. Texts sent above the allotment included in a text plan or add-on […]

Fido Reduces Prepaid CityFido Plan By $5, Adds 1,000 Minutes

This week, Fido announced that the wireless company will be reducing its CityFido Prepaid plan by $5.00 as of March 6, 2011. The plan is also receiving a bump in anytime minutes to 2,000 minutes, from the existing 1,000 minutes. While Fido does offer two postpaid CityFido plans, the company only offers one prepaid CityFido […]

Fido Releases New $30 Incoming Plan For iPhone

Effective today, Fido has launched a new $30 Unlimited Incoming plan. The stated expiration date for the promotion is May 2, 2011. You might notice that this plan is almost identical to the recently expired $35 Unlimited Incoming plan. While the new plan is $5 less per month, it does not have Caller Display or […]

Fido No Activation Fee Until May 2, 2011

Effective February 8, 2011, Fido is extending its free activation fee ($35) until May 2, 2011. The current $35 activation fee credit promo expires on February 7, 2010. In other words, the promo ends and then immediately starts again. For all you new prospective Fido customers that want an iPhone 4, you won’t be paying […]

Fido Reduces Monthly Service Fees For CityFido Plans

Back in November 2009, Fido increased the price of their entry level CityFido plan to $45 from $40. The $60 CityFido plan remained unchanged. A month later in December 2009, Fido reduced the entry level CityFido plan back to $40 from $45. The $60 CityFido plan remained unchanged. Then in a rare move, in that […]

Extended & Expired Rogers/Fido iPhone Promotions For January 2011

As we enter 2011, it seems that Rogers/Fido see fit to extend some of their promotions. Due to “competitive activity”, many of the originally expiring promotions on January 6, 2011 have been extended. Rogers Originally expiring on January 6 2011, the following Rogers promotions that apply to iPhone have been extended and expired: 6PM Early Evening Calling – […]

Fido Releases New $50 Unlimited Plan, iPhone Not Eligible?!

To remain “competitive” and combat recent offers from WIND Mobile and Mobilicity, this morning Fido released a bombshell $50 Unlimited Minutes Plan. The new plan is a promotion and expires on December 31, 2010 and for some reason is NOT available for smartphones (AKA: iPhone)! $50 Unlimited Plan This new plan from Fido is available […]

Fido Releases New $35 Incoming Plan For iPhone

Let’s do a brief recap of recent Fido activity: 1.) The company updates its CityFido plans so they can be used in any CityFido Zone in Canada. Survey says: Good 2.) Then the Rogers/Fido network (same company) starts to fail in reception and just overall quality. Survey says: Bad 3.) Then Fido decides to charge […]