Rogers 3G Network Speedtest: iPhone 3G vs iPhone 3GS

The iPhone 3GS has some extra horsepower under the hood compared to the iPhone 3G. This was revealed in yesterday’s iPhone 3G vs 3GS boot up speed comparison. Another reason why people want the iPhone 3GS is the increased network speed over 3G. Today’s video will primarily focus on Rogers 3G network speeds. It will […]

Rogers iPhone 3G S Launch = EPIC FAIL, Part Deux

“History repeats itself.” That’s one quote you hear over and over, and I think it’s safe to apply this to yesterday’s less than stellar iPhone 3G S launch by Rogers. Last year, Canadians lined up coast to coast to get their hands on the first ever iPhone launched in Canada. You would think Rogers would […]

Rogers iPhone 3G S Launch Day: Top Tips on Buying your iPhone

Today is the iPhone 3G S launch day in Canada and the USA. Rogers late last night dropped the bomb we were all waiting for–they finally released iPhone 3G S upgrade pricing (Fido too). Now, I don’t understand the rationale of keeping this information till the last minute. Is it to keep their employees and […]

Rogers/Fido iPhone 3GS Contract Free Pricing Revealed?

It seems as though every time there is a major iPhone announcement, Rogers is always the last to relay news to its customers. An example of this is when their own websites weren’t even updated the day of the iPhone 3GS announcement, leaving Canadian iPhone customers in a frenzy. Lucky for you, there’s with […]

Fido to Get 4GB iPhone with iChat? 32GB iPhones?

More next generation iPhone rumors coming your way, folks. Yesterday BGR reported that Fido is going to be carrying a 4GB iPhone that has iChat capabilities for $99. On top of that, Engadget reports iPhones have garnered approval by the PCS Type Review Certification Board in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB capacities. Regarding the so […]

Bad News: Rogers Extends HUP From 12 to 24 Months!

Are you on a contract with Rogers? If you are, after 12 months you are eligible for a Hardware Upgrade Plan (HUP), which means you can upgrade to a new phone. The amount of your discount towards a new handset is based on the annual amount of your cellphone bill (I was unable to use […]

Fido to Stop Selling the iPhone 3G in 2009?

Currently the only way to get an iPhone 3G in Canada legitimately is through Rogers, and their newly minted discount carrier, Fido. However, that could soon change as the word on the internetz is that Fido will stop selling the iPhone 3G starting in 2009. According to Kidrock23 from HowardForums, the rumor is that with […]

Rogers Removing System Access Fee? Cheaper iPhone Bill Soon?

For those that signed up for an iPhone 3G, your bill statement after calculating your monthly plan, data plan, taxes, 911 emergency fee, and the dreaded System Access Fee (SAF) could be close to almost $100 per month. Owning an iPhone 3G can be expensive if you’re on a data plan and subscribed to a […]

Rogers Sold 255,000 iPhones in Third Quarter 2008

Can you imagine life without the iPhone? Remember the time when cellphones were only used to make “telephone calls”? Those days are over as the iPhone has revolutionized the way we view cellphones. They are now have integral parts of our busy lives, making things better (or worse). When Rogers announced they were going to […]

Bell & Telus Announce their “iPhone Killers”: Rogers Beware?

**Pre-order your iPhone 3G invisibleSHIELD and get 20% off your order, plus FREE shipping! Limited time offer, order today!** Looks like some iPhone 3G competition is coming through another touchscreen mobile device. Bell announced some major news to trump over and Rogers. They have introduced the Samsung Instinct (coming August 8th), a touchscreen “iPhone killer” […]

Fix iPhone SMS Voicemail Notification For Rogers & Fido

Hey everyone, here we go with another quality post on how to tweak your iPhone for all you Canadians out there. Now, my GSM provider is Fido (which is owned by Rogers) in Canada. The problem for iPhone users out there is that those on firmware version 1.0.2 or 1.1.1 lack the SMS voicemail notification […]