Galaxy Note 7

Harris Poll Shows Exploding Batteries Crushed Samsung’s Reputation

An annual survey in the United States demonstrated the detrimental effects that recent incidents (namely, exploding smartphone batteries) have had on Samsung's reputation. According to a new Reputation Quotient Ratings survey by Harris Poll, Samsung has taken a big hit to its reputation, falling to the 49th position in the 2017. In 2016, the South Korean tech...

Samsung: Faulty Batteries to Blame For Note 7 Fiasco [INFOGRAPHIC]

After months of investigation, Samsung has finally determined that battery faults are to blame for the Galaxy Note 7’s propensity to catch fire, says a new report from Reuters. Many folks speculated that the battery was likely the root cause of the fires but we now know the exact reason the handset was such a fire hazard. […]

Samsung Note 7 Investigation Blames Batteries for Explosions: WSJ

On January 23rd Samsung will admit that “irregularly sized batteries” were to blame for the problem that caused Galaxy Note 7 handsets to explode, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal. The report details that Samsung hired three independent “quality-control and supply-chain analysis firms” to perform the investigation, and these firms both concluded that two separate faults […]

Samsung Probe Reveals Battery Main Cause of Note 7 Fires [REPORT]

Samsung’s investigation into what caused some Galaxy Note 7s to catch fire has concluded that the battery was the main reason, a person familiar with the matter told Reuters today. The world’s biggest smartphone maker will likely announce the results of the investigation on January 23, a day before it announces detailed fourth-quarter earnings results, […]

Results of Samsung’s Investigation into Note 7 Explosions Coming Soon

According to a report by JoongAng Ilbo newspaper, Samsung will announce the results of its investigation into what caused the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones to explode, later this month.  The South Korean electronics giant had said in October that it was examining all aspects of the smartphone, suggesting there may be a combination of factors responsible for what...

Dress Your iPhone Up Like An Exploded Galaxy Note 7 For Halloween

With Halloween only a few days away, everyone is getting their costumes ready. That’s fine and all, but what we really need are costumes for our most beloved companions. No, not our pets – our smartphones. Image courtesy of UNIQFIND With what is absolutely the “hottest” smartphone costume of the year, UNIQFIND has released quite a unique iPhone […]

Samsung Self-Tested Note 7 Batteries; Apple Uses Third-Party Labs

One of the most interesting (and distressing) things about the entire Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery fiasco (aside from the fact that they tend to spontaneously combust and catch on fire) is the fact that company has yet to completely understand the root cause of the issue. People are looking for answers, and Samsung’s head of […]

Goodbye, Galaxy Note 7: Samsung Officially Kills Off The Phablet

Amid continued reports of their new flagship smartphone catching on fire, Samsung Electronics is killing its troubled Galaxy Note 7 phablet in what is without a doubt a humbling about-face for the South Korean giant and its global brand. “We recently readjusted the production volume for thorough investigation and quality control, but putting consumer safety […]