New Photos Show Apple’s iPhone Repair and Calibration Machine

An image of the special machine Apple uses to conduct back-of-store iPhone repairs surfaced online today. The photo shows a few more features than previous leaks, including an up-close look at screen calibration controls. The picture was sent to Motherboard after reporter Jason Koebler put a bounty out for information regarding Apple's "iPhone Calibration Machine."...

Apple Reportedly Ends Genius Training in Cupertino, Transitions to Web Seminars

According to a new report from MacRumors, Apple will be replacing its Cupertino campus training sessions for new Apple retail store ‘Geniuses’ with in-store, self-guided training. Web-based seminars will be replacing hands-on, guided training. This suggests that new employees may have far less real work and training experience than their predecessors. Traditionally, Apple has invited […]

BMW to Increase Apple-Inspired ‘Genius’ Product Specialists at Dealerships

BMW, the world's No. 1 maker of luxury automobiles, is redesigning the way its dealerships operate by including more “Genius” product specialists and fewer sales personnel, Fortune is reporting. The concept of Geniuses or in-store specialists was first introduced by Apple, who explain the company’s products to customers in a convenient and more relaxed way. The publication notes...