This Elephant Thinks the iPhone is Crap [VIDEO]

A spot of humour for today: In a video that went viral, a Thai elephant expressed its thoughts about the most sought-after gadget in the world, Apple’s iPhone — well, sort of. Since the elephant couldn’t speak English, it used sign language. It swallowed a Chinese visitor’s iPhone while she was immortalizing how her friend […]

This is What Fruit Ninja Would Look Like in Real Life [VIDEO]

We’re only posting this because Fruit Ninja was updated today with iPhone 5 support and was free the other day. The following video is what Fruit Ninja would look like in real life–to the beat of dubstep. The song within the video was written by Scott & Brendo. [via @macguitar]

Watch Jim Cramer Rip Into Citi’s Poor Apple Stock Analysis [VIDEO]

A couple of days back, Citi’s Apple analysts radically cut the price target for Apple Stock to $575, rating it neutral down from buy. The same team had previously given clients a 20-day one-two punch, issuing a buy at $571 just before the stock fell to $509, before eventually downgrading it to neutral. Looks like CNBC’s Jim Cramer […]

Apple Fixes iOS 6 Maps by Rearranging the Planet [Humour]

The guys from the “infamous” Onion News Network have the ultimate and eagerly awaited news: Apple is fixing the criticized iOS 6 Maps . . . well, sort of. They are rearranging the planet; they’re moving London to Canada so you can save the money and time you’d otherwise spend it on traveling.

The Apple Haters’ 7 Stages of Grief [Humour]

I think we’ve all seen this before when talking about Apple with the haters. Posted by Farley (via The Loop): The Apple haters’ stages of grief go something like this: Predict failure of new Apple product Attribute early success of new Apple product to rabid fanbois affected by the reality distortion field Attribute longer term success of product to […]

Watch This: Shit Android Fanatics Say [VIDEO]

Kristy from Mobile Phone Finder emailed us this video to share with you–Shit Android Fanatics Say. It’s another video from the “Sh*t <insert> Say” theme that’s been making its away across the web this year. I’m pretty sure this video is spot on as it characterizes some of you insecure Android fanatics pretty accurately. Not all Android […]

SNL Skit Targets the ‘Problems’ of the iPhone 5 [VIDEO]

SNL host Christina Applegate talked about the “glitches and design flaws” with latest iPhone 5 in the skit ‘Tech Talk’ that aired on Saturday night. Three tech writers complain about the pitfalls of the latest iPhone, but only to be shocked and surprised when the show brings out three factory workers to address their concerns […]

Rick Mercer Introduces the New ‘BlackBerry Outàge’ [VIDEO]

RIM has struggled to to stay relevant ever since the iPhone was launched in 2007. With competitors such as Android adding to their bag of hurt, the BlackBerry brand continues to take a nose dive. The Rick Mercer Report reported on a new product from RIM last night, known as the BlackBerry Outàge. It’s the phone […]

Here’s the Banned iPhone 5 Promo You’ve Been Waiting to See [VIDEO]

The YouTube channel ooJLEoo uploaded another one of their hilarious iPhone parody videos in the early morning, this time dedicated to the iPhone 5. Check it out below (possibly NSFW): Last year, ooJLEoo also uploaded a similar video for the iPhone 4S, and have also previously done a parody for the iPad 2. I can’t […]