iOS 4.1

Enable FaceTime on iPhone 3GS with FaceIt via Cydia

Another day, and another new tweak for the iPhone 3GS. Earlier in the week we profiled how you can enable 720P HD video on your 3GS. Now, you can have a semi-FaceTime experience via a new Cydia tweak called FaceIt, from This free tweak will enable your iPhone 3GS to receive FaceTime calls and […]

Don’t Forget About The iOS 4.1 Daylight Savings Bug!

For those prepping their daily alarms, don’t forget about the Daylight Savings bug in iOS 4.1. For those that are unaware, the Daylight Savings Time bug in iOS 4.0 and later will cause any repeating alarms to go off an hour later tomorrow. Apple has publicly acknowledged the bug via a support document and a […]

[Updated] redsn0w for Windows Download Now Available

Update 1 (23:43 PST): Looks like links for redsn0w for Mac and redsn0w for Windows has been released. MuscleNerd from the iPhone Dev Team has announced on twitter that an update to redsn0w is coming soon. This updated version (the current version is for the iPod touch 2G/iPhone 3G only) will allow Windows users to […]

Huge iPhone Security Flaw Bypasses Passcode Lock

Okay this is pretty serious. A newly discovered security flaw in iOS 4.1 allows you to bypass the Passcode lock on a jailbroken/non-jailbroken iPhone. I tested this myself and it worked on my iPhone 4 on iOS 4.1. Here’s how the exploit works: 1. On the Passcode screen, go to emergency call. 2. Dial a […]

PwnageTool Jailbreak Tool for iOS 4.1 Coming Sunday

It’s been a great week for the iOS jailbreaking community. Geohot came out of nowhere and released his limera1n jailbreak, which incorporated a different exploit from the Chronic Dev Team’s greenpois0n jailbreak. The CDT finally released their revised greenpois0n jailbreak today, which used Geohot’s exploit instead of SHAtter. Now, both limera1n and greenpois0n are Windows […]

iPhone Dev Team Responds to Limera1n 4.1 Jailbreak

The recent iOS 4.1 jailbreak scene has hit some ‘drama’ as notorious iPhone hacker Geohot has splashed back into the scene out of nowhere with his recently released limera1n jailbreak. The iPhone Dev Team has responded with a recent blog post shedding their opinions and thoughts on the latest limera1n jailbreak:   After a few […]

Limera1n iOS 4.1 Jailbreak Released by Geohot

Update 1: limera1n updated for iPhone 3GS units with new bootrom. Geohot announced he was going to release his universal jailbreak limera1n on 10/11/10, a day after the Chronic Dev Team was going to release their greenpoison jailbreak. Looks like Geohot has decided to release his jailbreak a day early limera1n is now available for […]

Geohot Set to Release limera1n to Jailbreak All Devices on iOS 4.1

The Chronic Dev Team is set to release an iOS 4.1 jailbreak on 10/10/10 as we previously reported. A couple days ago, the iPhone Dev Team released an update to redsn0w for Windows to jailbreak the iPhone 3G/iPod touch 2G. So far, some great news for the Jailbreak community right? Well, things have taken a […]

iPod 4G Jailbreak Achieved with SHAtter, iPhone 4 Next?

The iPhone Dev Team is hard at work again. This time around they have managed to jailbreak the iPod 4G, by porting over the exploit found by @pod2g into a beta of PwnageTool. If the iPod 4G has been jailbroken, expect an iPhone 4 jailbreak for iOS 4.1 coming soon. Here’s more info and a […]

redsn0w Updated For Mac, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G 4.1 Jailbreak!

The iPhone Dev-Team has done it again. If you’re still holding on to an iPhone 3G or 2nd generation iPod Touch running 4.1, your jailbreak tools for Mac are here. It’s fairly straight forward as usual with redsn0w, get on the official 4.0 or 4.1 firmware, then use redsn0w to jailbreak. Dev-Team: “IF YOU USE […]

iOS 4.1 Brings Back Field Test Mode For iPhone

After iOS 4.1 was released on Tuesday of this week, reports started to come in that the new firmware has restored the ability to get into Field Test mode on iPhone. For those wondering, Field Test mode allows users to get a numerical display for the antenna strength instead of the current signal bars. This […]