ios 4.2

iOS 4.2 Delayed Due to WiFi Issue?

The latest rumours were that iOS 4.2 was set to drop today, however there seems to be a delay in its release due to a WiFi issue on the iPad. Essentially after the iPad connects to a WiFi network, it will lose its connection after a slight delay. Due to this bug in iOS 4.2 […]

iTunes 10.1 To Be Released Tomorrow, iOS 4.2 Friday?

Being half way through November 9th, iOS 4.2 was not released. However a new report indicates that iOS 4.2 is due this Friday at 10AM, with iTunes 10.1 releasing tomorrow. The claim reportedly comes from a “source working close with AT&T”, but it is worth noting that carrier representatives are almost always great sources of […]

Apple to Developers: Get Your Apps Ready for iOS 4.2

Apple mentioned that iOS 4.2 is coming in November. Developers have had access to 4.2 Gold Master already, so it’s only a matter of time for the official release to hit iTunes. Speculation is that it should drop today and if a recent email Apple sent to developers is any indication, we can taste iOS […]

iOS 4.2: Improved iPhone 3G Performance

When iPhone 3G users installed iOS 4.0, the result was an extreme slow down in performance. Simple tasks such as typing or just flicking through home screens caused major lags and a horrible user experience. Upon release of iOS 4.1, iPhone 3G performance was improved but it was still not close to the pre-iOS 4.0 […]

iOS 4.2 Reveals Hidden Volume Slider For iPhone/iPod touch

Earlier this week, Apple released the GM seed of iOS 4.2, which among other features, brought a volume and brightness slider to the iPad. At the time, it was believed the sliders were iPad only. After a little searching, it seems that the iPhone/iPod touch on iOS 4.2 had the volume slider the whole time! […]

iOS 4.2 GM Brings New Multitasking Bar & MobileMe Login

With Monday’s release of the GM seed of iOS 4.2, Apple has made a few interface changes to the latest firmware. The first major interface change comes with an updated multitasking bar, which now features both Volume and Brightness controls in addition to the regular Orientation Lock and iPod controls. This change seems to be […]

Apple Acknowledges Passcode Flaw, Fix Coming in iOS 4.2

Yesterday we reported about a serious flaw in the iPhone’s Passcode security. Literally in seconds, any passcode could be bypassed and access available to phone calls and contacts. Apple has apparently acknowledged this security hole and responded that the fix will be coming iOS 4.2, which is slated to be released in November. According to […]

Second-Generation iPod Touch Is Cut From AirPrint Compatibility

As Apple continues to release beta seeds of iOS 4.2, the company is constantly making changes to its compatibility list. With the latest iOS 4.2 build, it seems that Apple has officially cut support for AirPrint on the second-generation iPod touch. When iOS 4.2 was initially announced, the second-generation iPod touch was a compatible device […]

Features Coming Soon in iOS 4.2 for iPhone

With iOS 4.2 Beta 1 released to developers, there has been a lot of new feature discoveries for the iPad–but what about the iPhone? Well, look no further because some new features are coming your way, as discovered by Mark Gurman from 9to5Mac. Here is a list of what’s upcoming in iOS 4.2 for iPhone: […]

iOS 4.2 Beta 1 Released to Developers with AirPrint, AirPlay

Looks like iOS 4.2 Beta 1 has just been released to iPhone Developers. This new beta includes AirPrint and AirPlay, two much anticipated features for iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Apple PR Announces AirPrint Feature Coming Soon Apple also released a statement revealing what AirPrint will bring to consumers: AirPrint […]

Apple Announces iOS 4.1 For iPhone & iPod touch, iOS 4.2 For iPad

This morning at Apple’s September music event, the company announced iOS 4.1 for iPhone and iPod touch and also previewed iOS 4.2 for iPad. iOS 4.1 The first thing that was announced is that all of the bugs have been fixed! That includes the proximity sensor on the iPhone 4, Bluetooth bugs across the iPod […]