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RedSn0w 0.9.15b2 Update Released, Fixes 3GS Bootrom & iPad Baseband Issues

A few days back, Dev-Team updated RedSn0w jailbreak tool with ability to restore to older firmwares which are no longer being signed by Apple including iOS 5.x, as well as untethered 6.0 jailbreak & hactivation on old-bootrom 3GS and direct restore option for pre-A5 devices to earlier firmware. Today, another update has been released i.e RedSn0w 0.9.15b2 that addresses a few issues with the previous […]

The iOS 6 Twitter Widget Ported to iOS 5

  We have seen a few iOS 6 features ported over to iOS 5, via some Cydia tweaks and themes, and today we have another. Scott Forstall introduced iOS 6 at WWDC 2012 and one of the many new features coming is the Twitter and Facebook widgets in the notification center. This is a quick […]

Ad Networks Circumventing Apple’s Privacy Rules in iOS

The Wall Street Journal is reporting numerous ad networks have circumvented Apple’s iOS in order to track location and preferences of users as they go from app to app. Previously, Apple allowed developers access to UDIDs but that access was revoked in iOS 5, to further protect its users: To avoid the limits of Apple’s […]

Reveal – New Cydia Tweak Shows Entire Notifications

Have you ever been annoyed with how iOS notifications only show you a preview of your messages, emails, and other notifications? Well, there is a new tweak in Cydia that changes all that. Conrad Kramer and Joshua Tucker have released “Reveal”. This new tweak, now in Cydia, allows you to scroll within your notification bars […]

Unlock Your iPhone 4S with SAM [How To]

Update 1: Here’s a full video tutorial on how to unlock with SAM:   A new software carrier unlock has been released in Cydia, and has been confirmed to work on the iPhone 4S by none other than the unlock wizard himself, Musclenerd. He also says this should work on any jailbroken iPhone on iOS […]

How To Add SBSettings To iOS 5 Notification Center [Tutorial]

SBSettings is one of the best Cydia tweaks ever built and with its seamless iOS 5 notification center integration, the system toggles have never been easier to access. However, many users with jailbroken iOS 5 devices are not able to enable SBSettings inside the notification center. This simple tutorial will teach you how easily it […]

‘TelOnNotification’ Cydia Tweak Lets You Make Calls From iOS 5 Notification Center [Free Download]

A new Cydia tweak called TelOnNotification has just made it possible for iOS 5 users to dial any phone number directly from the notification center. The tweak basically provides a quick access to the Phone application by displaying the keypad inside the pulldown notification center menu. The tweak installs as a notification center widget and can be easily toggled on […]