iOS 6

iOS 6 Users Complaining Of Automatic iOS 7 Download By Software Update

Some iOS 6 users who are still not planning to upgrade to the latest iOS 7, are reportedly complaining that the built-in Software Update tool is downloading the large-sized iOS 7 over-the-air on their iOS devices even before asking them to upgrade, taking up space that can't be reclaimed, according to CNET . While it won't initiate the install process...

CoreText Exploit Crashes iOS and Mac Apps

A recently discovered CoreText exploit related to a specific sequence of Arabic characters can cause an error, which, as a result, crashes any application using the WebKit engine under iOS 6 and Mac OS, reports. According to the Russian site, the vulnerability can be reproduced by sending a possible string of text as an...

Apple Charts iOS Fragmentation

Chitika has already pointed to a high adoption rate of iOS 6 before the 2013 Worldwide Developers’ Conference kicked off, and Tim Cook pointed to the same numbers while he was onstage. Now Apple has posted the same pie chart format Google has on its public developer site (via AppleInsider). The main difference between the...

Ahead of WWDC, Apple’s iOS 6 on 93% of iDevices

A few days before iOS 7 is introduced to the tech world at the Worldwide Developers Conference, Chitika has found that iOS 6, the current version of Apple's mobile operating system, is on 93% of iDevices. The market research firm has examined iOS under its loupe ahead of the highly anticipated Apple Keynote scheduled for...

Video Tutorial: Evasi0n iOS 6.1 Jailbreak

The newest untethered jailbreak – evasi0n – is out for your iOS devices running iOS 6.0 through 6.1. We have a great step-by-step walk through on how to do it here. But if you’re like me, you may want to see the process from start to finish visually. So here is my video tutorial on […]

Apple Denies Samsung Access To iOS 6 Source Code In Korea

In an ongoing patent infringement case between Apple and Samsung in Korea’s Seoul Central District Court, Apple has denied Samsung’s request to share the iOS 6 source code, reports The Korea Times (via TechCrunch). According to the publication, Samsung believes that without looking into iOS 6, it can’t judge whether Apple’s software infringes its technology patents. Samsung […]

Potentially Malicious JavaScript Bug Discovered In iOS 6

A new JavaScript bug that can potentially cause some major security and privacy implications, has been discovered in iOS 6 that re-enables JavaScript in mobile Safari without asking the user, AppleInsider is reporting. It appears that a new “Smart App Banner” feature in iOS 6, this allows developers to promote App Store software within Safari, is responsible. The […]