When Will The Apple iPad Come To Canada?

After Apple announced the iPad this morning, one of the questions many Canadians were wondering about is when the iPad was coming to Canada? Canadians are no strangers to being left behind when the latest tech is released. Looking back at the original iPhone, Canadians could not officially get their hands on it for one […]

Apple Updates iPhone SDK To Support iPad

With the release of the Apple iPad, Apple has updated the iPhone SDK to support iPad application development. Developers can access the new iPhone SDK 3.2 (Build 10M2132) today via the Dev Portal. The new SDK offers tools for developing iPad applications and includes code, guidelines,  and a simulator. The new SDK allows developers to […]

Apple Reveals iBooks Store For iPad

With the announcement of Apple’s new iPad, the company announced a new store called the iBooks Store, where users will be able to purchase and download books. Alongside the store comes a new app called iBooks that turns the iPad into an eBook reader. The iBooks app comes with a virtual bookshelf where users can […]

Apple Announces iPad Media Device

Ending months (years?) of rumors, Apple today officially unveiled their tablet computer named the Apple iPad. During a January 27 2010 Apple Event, Apple CEO Steve Jobs called the iPad “way better than a laptop, way better than a phone”. The iPad weights in only 1.5 pounds, which is currently lighter than any netbook, and […]

Apple CEO Steve Jobs Unofficially Confirms Apple Tablet?

In a CNNMoney.com report, today one could say that Apple CEO Steve Jobs has unofficially confirmed the existence of the highly anticipated Apple Tablet. The report is a focus on the financial status of Apple Inc., indicating that the company is doing very well with sales rising 32% to a record $15.7 billion, an amount […]