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4G LTE Chip Manufacturers Ramp Up Production For Apple’s Next iPhone

Chip manufacturers have ramped up the production of 4G & Wi-Fi chips and have started stocking them for Apple’s next-generation iPhone, reports DigiTimes. Vendors including Qualcomm, Broadcom, STMicroelectronics, NXP, Texas Instruments (TI) and OmniVision are manufacturing 4G LTE chips using a 28nm process at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) in anticipation of iPhone 5 which is set to hit the […]

Kik Messenger Review: BBM for iPhone, Sort Of

Do you envy BlackBerry users because they have BBM? Do you wish you can text anyone in real-time with your iPhone without those expensive charges? Now you can with Kik. Kik is a real time messenger app that that allows you to talk to your friends on any phone anywhere over the world. It doesn’t […]

2010 WWDC Predictions: iPhone HD/4G Plus…What Else?

June 7th has finally arrived! Today kicks off the 2010 WWDC where Apple is expected to announce the next iPhone HD/4G, which we have already seen thanks to Gizmodo (which, funny enough, they did not get press passes to WWDC). We’ve seen videos of the next iPhone and tear downs as well. Apple might not […]

WWDC 2010 Banners Finally Up: iPhone 4G/HD Soon?

Monday is going to be a significant day in iPhone history as Apple is slated to debut its latest iPhone 4G/HD at their 2010 WWDC (the 2009 WWDC introduced the iPhone 3GS; you can watch the WWDC from 2008 stream here). Steve Jobs once again will be on state to deliver whatever goodies Apple is ready […]

iPhone 4G/HD Spare Parts Prices Revealed?

In five days Apple’s 2010 WWDC will kick off and Steve Jobs will present the next iPhone to the world. Will we see the leaked Gizmodo iPhone as the final build? So far, all indicators point to that particular unit as more and more pictures are being “leaked” onto the internet. Steve Jobs made it […]

iPhone 4G Display Resolution Confirmed 960×640?

With Apple’s 2010 WWDC coming in just over a week, the next iPhone 4G/HD rumors are going to be in full effect. What you will see most is the list of rumoured specifications of the next iPhone. We’ve seen the Gizmodo leak, but this time around the latest story comes from a the use of […]

More iPhone 4G/HD Pictures: Close Up of Metal Frame

You know another iPhone is coming soon when the rumours and leaks start to consume the Internet. Yesterday we saw pictures of a white iPhone 4G/HD prototype. We’ve seen coloured mock ups of the next iPhone, videos from Vietnam, and of course Gizmodo’s much publicized leak. We will never truly know what the final iPhone […]

White iPhone 4G/HD Prototype Appears in the Wild?

It’s that time again. Leading up to Apple’s announcement of the next iPhone, this time around there are more than just rumours. We’ve seen actual leaked prototypes from Gizmodo and yesterday we saw some rendered pictures of what coloured iPhones could look like. Today’s story builds on an earlier article about a white iPhone 4G/HD […]

iPhone 4G Video Conferencing Evidence Found?

We found out from the Gizmodo iPhone 4G/HD leak that the next iPhone will have a front facing camera. One would assume that means iChat capabilities right? Well, the folks at BGR have just received some interesting info that reveals Video Conferencing evidence. This option comes from a field test firmware from the supposed next […]

The Google vs Apple War is On!

The Google I/O Conference is currently taking place in San Francisco. Google is king when it comes to search on the web and the plethora of cloud-based programs they offer for free. I love Gmail and it’s the best thing to ever come from Google (aside from their search). With Google’s foray into Android, they […]

iPhone 4G Rendered in New Colours–Yay or Nay?

We’ve seen the iPhone 4G leaked by Gizmodo and sites in Vietnam. We’ve also seen the iPhone 4G rendered in white. But what about other iPhone colours? Apple’s colour scheme with their iPod line up involves a multitude of rainbow colours. I’m surprised they haven’t come up with this for the iPhone yet. Can you […]

Two Videos of the Next iPhone 4G Posted Online

We heard yesterday of the report from Digitimes that mentioned the next iPhone will have display improvements and a possible June 25th launch. Thanks to the editors at Gizmodo, we already know what the next iPhone 4G looks like. Recently a few other sources have managed to get their hands on the next iPhone, including […]