iPhone 8 concept

Apple Reportedly Starting ‘iPhone 8’ Production Early: Report

Apple is planning to start production of the new iPhone 8 earlier than expected, according to Bluefin Research, but this doesn’t necessarily change the launch date of the new device, so the September unveiling still seems to be very likely. In a note to investors via Barron's, BlueFin analysts John Donovan and Steve Mullane reveal that...

New iPhone 8 Concept is the iPhone 4/4S on Steroids [PHOTO]

iPhone 8 concepts are getting better and better, and a new concept imagines the upcoming smartphone from Apple to include stainless steel bands around the edges and slick-looking curved glass edges. Concept designer Imran Taylor (via 9to5Mac) has created his own interpretation of the iPhone 8, imagining what the next model of Apple’s flagship product could look […]