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Absolute Vintage Photo App For iPhone

Absolute Vintage is an application that allows users to create an Old Time vintage photo using faces of yourself or your friends. Absolute Vintage by David iSoft Absolute Vintage is a really neat application and if you get creative enough, you can have a lot of fun with it. The app allows users to take […]

Video Chat To Debut In Future iPhones?

It has been long rumored that a new iPhone, or the next iPhone more specifically, will include a front facing video camera used for video chat/calls. Well, this rumor may be more fact than fiction. A report from 9to5Mac has revealed information leading to iPhone video calling capabilities found deep within the iPhone SDK. Specifically, […]

Apple To Acquire LED Camera Flash Components?

According to an AppleInsider report, Apple is rumored to be shopping for LED camera flash components. This rumor comes as speculation increases about whether the next iPhone, due summer 2010, will include a better camera or even if the iPod Touch will receive a camera upgrade. People familiar with Apple’s initiative claim the electronics maker […]

4th Generation iPhone To Receive 5MP Camera?

The folks over at DigiTimes have received word that OmniVision has secured a contract to manufacture 5 megapixel cameras for the next generation iPhone which is expected in Summer 2010 at Apple’s annual WWDC event. Currently, OmniVision is the provider of the 3.2 megapixel cameras found in the iPhone 3GS. Previously, a company named Aptina […]

Original iPhone & iPhone 3G Get Video Recording!

So check this out. Apple releases the iPhone 2G with no video recording. Soon after when the jailbreaking hacks became available, a great jailbroken app called “Cycorder” enabled video on the iPhone 2G. Users universally question Apple’s motives. Then Apple releases the iPhone 3G and again, no video recording (Apple motives questioned again). However, jailbroken […]

App Review: Babelshot for iPhone 3GS

For quick text translation, I usually jump on Safari but today, there’s an app for that! Introducing Babelshot. Babelshot by Codium Labs LLC Babelshot for iPhone 3GS is a shoot-to-translate application that makes use of the iPhone 3GS camera. Any text in any language that you want translated is done quickly and easily through the […]

Review: Blur Tripod for iPhone

Do you have the steadiest hand in the West when taking photos with your iPhone? Or are some of your pictures blurry? Whatever the case, the Blur Tripod for iPhone is here! Blur Tripod by Mobile Mechatronics The Blur Tripod for iPhone is exactly what is sounds like; a Tripod! The accessory will help you […]

How To Email Full Size iPhone 3GS Photos

The best part about iPhone 3.0 firmware is the ability to email more than one iPhone photo. Gone are the days where we had to select one photo painstakingly at a time! Anyways, here’s a relatively “old” tip that I’ve been meaning to share with those who don’t know about it yet–how to email full […]

Review: Edit Excel sheets with Mariner Calc!

Hey all! Today we have an application review called “Mariner Calc” and it is an Excel spreadsheet for your iPhone that allows you to both view and edit (yes, edit) native Microsoft Excel files! Mariner Calc by Mariner Software Inc As I mentioned above, Mariner Calc is essentially the Excel spreadsheet program but for your […]

Top iPhone Camera Tips For Taking Better Pictures

One of the most used features on my iPhone is the camera. It’s very easy to use and sharing photos via email is a breeze. Lots of people hate on the iPhone’s camera, which in some cases their arguments have merit. But on the whole, the iPhone camera does its job and does it well. […]

How to Add Photos to iPhone into Folders

A lot of people get addicted to “the pinch” when viewing photos on the iPhone. A common question I get asked when people view my pictures is “how did you organize them into folders?”. Well, the solution is simple and it’s not very complicated at all. This following method is for PC users, for Mac […]