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Kik Messenger Review: BBM for iPhone, Sort Of

Do you envy BlackBerry users because they have BBM? Do you wish you can text anyone in real-time with your iPhone without those expensive charges? Now you can with Kik. Kik is a real time messenger app that that allows you to talk to your friends on any phone anywhere over the world. It doesn’t […]

iPhoneNow.ca Update: Justice Has Been Served

A long time ago, prior to the iPhone 3G being introduced in Canada, the following procedure was required to get a first gen iPhone: 1. Go to the USA and buy one from the Apple Store (or get a friend/relative to bring one back for you). 2. Research on how to jailbreak/unlock in order to […]

iPhone 3G for Canada! Coming to Rogers & Fido July 11th

Editor’s note: Okay folks so it looks like iPhoneinCanada.ca is temporarily back up in the meantime. The shared server I was on was just crippled with a 2000% CPU overload thanks to the sudden spike in traffice after the iPhone 3G announcement. Things will take a couple days to smooth out, but with that aside […]

How to Prepare for Monday’s 3G iPhone Announcement at the WWDC

The moment most of us have been waiting for is just around the corner! Monday morning can’t come soon enough, but once it does come rolling around the information will come fast and furious. How to get yourself prepared for Monday’s Apple WWDC news and announcements? The majority of us won’t be at the event, […]

Apple’s iPhone Will Change Canada’s Wireless Industry

You read that title correctly–according to an article from itBusiness.ca. Industry analyst Lawrence Surtees from IDC Canada states that things are going to change drastically once the iPhone is released by Rogers in Canada. Surtees goes on to reiterate that AT&T was forced by Apple to introduce “all you can eat” data plans in the […]

How to Open 13 Safari Windows on the iPhone

**Win a FREE OtterBox Defender “Pink” iPhone Case! Post a Comment to Win!** Safari on the iPhone rocks the big one. It is just awesome for surfing the net on your iPhone (like trying to find out places to eat) and being able to launch multiple windows is a great feature (can’t wait to be […]

Will Wireless Spectrum Bidding Affect iPhone Users?

**Win a FREE OtterBox Defender “Pink” iPhone Case! Post a Comment to Win!** The immediate answer right now is YES. Yesterday was the start of the wireless spectrum bidding in Canada. This moment will affect wireless customers in this country along many fronts. For starters, regardless of what companies emerge from the bidding, everyone will […]

Apple Store in Vancouver Opens May 24th: iPhones Soon to Come!

Vancouverites will be able to purchase their 3G iPhones in Vancouver this summer as the Apple Store at Pacific Centre will be open by then. I received an email from Apple that stated the grand opening of the Pacific Centre Apple Store will be at 10:00am on May 24th (it took them long enough to […]

iPhone Coming to Canada in July to Rogers & Apple Resellers

I warned you this was going to happen–more iPhone speculation and rumors about the date when Canada will get the iPhone. According to an anonymous source that contacted me (that’s all I can say for now), the iPhone will be sold in July in Canada (or was it June?!), with availability coming from Apple Stores, […]

Future Shop Says: iPhone Coming in September

The iPhone rumor mill is in full steam at the moment! According to our friends from Touch Podium, the iPhone release date in Canada was “leaked” by a sales associate from Future Shop. The following conversation occured during the checkout process: “Hey, do you have any idea if you guys will be getting the iPhone, […]

iPhone in Canada this June–Plus a $7 Unlimited Data Plan

That was the headline posted at Electronista yesterday! Although that may get some of you a bit excited, there are a few things I find hard to believe about this article. Seriously folks, with the upcoming WWDC coming in June, expect the rumors to get fast and furious leading up to the announcement! According to […]

Canadians: How to Buy an 8GB iPhone for $249US

So you have been sitting on the fence, trying to decide if you should buy an iPhone before the 3G iPhone is released. What should you do? Listen up Canuckleheads, the choice is now easy if you have an “Ameri-friend!”. With a friend or relative in the United States, you can buy a refurbished iPhone […]