iPhone Firmware

iPhone Firmware 2.2.1 Released in iTunes: Breaks yellowsn0w Unlock

Most of you have probably heard by now that this afternoon Apple released an iPhone firmware update in iTunes. The latest version 2.2.1 is supposed to fix the following: -further stability in Safari -fixes to images saved in Mail not showing up properly in the Camera roll So it seems that this 2.2.1 update will […]

iPhone Firmware 2.2 Beta Coming Soon: What Features Do You Want?

A report by MacRumors yesterday reported that Apple has seeded iPhone firmware 2.2 Beta 1 to developers. The purpose of this build was for “compatibility testing” with no other mentions of new features. Some argue that this new build will encompass the long awaited push notification service which will allow apps to send out alerts […]

iPhone 3G Firmware 2.1 Update: The Review

iPhone 2.1 Firmware Released–Millions of Canadians Rejoice and Celebrate with Family Okay maybe it’s not THAT big of an announcement, but this morning I woke up to a big surprise–firmware 2.1 had finally been released! There was a flurry of blog comments as many of you back East were already downloading the firmware while I […]

iPhone Firmware 2.0.2 Released on iTunes

Looks like the folks at Cupertino are at it again with their firmware updates. iPhone firmware version 2.0.2 was released a couple hours ago and can now be downloaded via iTunes or straight from Apple’s servers. It’s funny how the firmware update is released just as I happened to jailbreak my iPhone 3G on the […]

iPhone Firmware 2.0 Update: Geotagging!

I’ve been keeping track of iPhone Firmware 2.0 pretty closely because when it’s released, our first generation iPhones will be able to keep up with the latest features, thanks to the Pwnage Tool. That’s the cool thing about the iPhone that I really like. The ability to have firmware updates that actually make your phone […]

Push Mail for the iPhone 2.0 is Coming

The iPhone is awesome for checking email on the go, or when you’re just roaming around the house and don’t have time to get onto the computer. One shortfall whenever I’m checking my Gmail IMAP account is that there is no “push” functionality. I need to manually check for new email every 10 minutes or […]

Video of the New 1.1.3 iPhone Firmware

If you haven’t seen this already, GearLive posted a video tour of the supposedly new 1.1.3 iPhone firmware that is going ot be released soon. We don’t know how GearLive acquired this new firmware, but if it’s true, some of the new features do look quite impressive. As with all updates, this will once again […]

Canadians! Check Your iPhone Firmware Before Buying

Before I bought my iPhone I wanted to make sure that I was going to be getting a model that had the 1.0.2 firmware. At the time, only the 1.0.2 versions could be unlocked. Low and behold, of course when I picked up my phone for $399US, it was the 1.1.1 firmware! DOH! Well, I […]