Iran Bans ‘Clash of Clans,’ Says It Promotes Tribal Warfare

Access to the hugely popular app Clash of Clans has been blocked in Iran after the Ministry of Justice said they fear it might promote tribal warfare in the country. According to Engadget, the country’s Ministry of Justice recommended  blocking the access to the game for its negative influence to the youth which was claimed to […]

Nuclear Deal Means Apple Could Soon Sell Products in Iran

Today, U.S. President Obama announced a deal with Iran to curb the country’s nuclear capabilities in exchange for lifting sanctions on the country. This is a move that could open the door for some U.S. businesses. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Apple and several other companies have been in touch with...

Apple in Talks with Distributors to Sell iPhone in Iran: WSJ

Apple opened talks with Iranian distributors for selling the iPhone, sources speaking with the Wall Street Journal reveal. Senior Apple execs have reportedly discussed with Iranian distributors at Apple’s regional headquarters in London the potential of establishing premium resellers in Iran, or midsize franchise outlets, a model used widely by the company in Europe and Asia....