Analyst Gene Munster Finally Abandons Hope of An Apple Television

When the Wall Street Journal's Daisuke Wakabayashi reported yesterday evening that Apple had shelved plans for the long-rumoured television set, Apple analyst Gene Munster’s world collapsed. Well, not literally, but after the report he finally gave up hope on the iTV. Actually, he was the loudest (and the only) Apple iTV believer (via Business Insider)....

Jimmy Iovine Could Foster Video Content for iTV, Jobs Biographer Suggests

Multiple reports have suggested that Apple’s motivation for the rumoured acquisition of Beats — expected to close at any time now — is Jimmy Iovine’s relationship with the music industry. As music industry critic Bob Lefsetz has pointed out, Apple is essentially buying Jimmy’s contacts, which are certainly worth something. Speaking with Billboard, Walter Isaacson...
Apple iTV

Analyst Survey: Americans Would Buy 13 Million iTVs at $1,060 Each

With the holiday season just a couple weeks away, there’s much talk about Apple’s possible television set. Some, such as Gene Munster, say it is highly likely to arrive next year for the holiday season, while others, such as former Apple executive Jean-Louis Gasée, say it isn’t likely. Morgan Stanley surveyed Americans (Fortune) to find […]

Forrester: Apple Should Release A “Non-TV TV” Called “iHub”

James McQuivey has written a neat post at his blog at Forrester that looks at Apple’s possible future in the television business. The post indicates that the television arena is not really about the actual television. Instead, it is about big names such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google wanting to add the television to their […]

Foxconn: CEO Did Not Confirm Apple Television

Following the widespread report that Foxconn CEO Terry Gou confirmed that an Apple Television was in preparations, the company has now clarified its position to state that the reports were not accurate. The story originated from Chinese news site ChinaDaily that had originally reported that Foxconn was making preparations for an Apple Television set. In […]