Swatch CEO Doesn’t Believe An “iWatch” Can Replace The iPhone

While speaking at a press conference on annual results in Switzerland, Swatch CEO Nick Hayek said that a so-called Apple “iWatch” could never replace the iPhone, and that he doesn’t believe such a device would be the next smart device revolution, Bloomberg reports. The chief of the largest Swiss watchmaker added that replacing an iPhone with an interactive terminal on […]

Apple’s Jony Ive Explored Nike Watch Designs During the Mid-2000s

Earlier today Bloomberg reiterated an Apple iWatch could launch in 2013, with other sources from The Verge noting such a device could run iOS. Within the article, Scott Wilson, the creator of the Lunatik iPod nano watch accessory was quoted as saying Apple had previously ordered boxes of a particular sports watch from Nike–when he […]

Apple’s iWatch Rumoured to Launch in 2013

Apple’s iWatch could materialize sooner than we expected, as the timing looks better now, at least according to a Bloomberg report. Besides consumers accustomed to using apps each day, wrist watch manufacturers have seen tremendous success over the past few years, and even Jony Ive has long had an interest in watches.

Futuristic iWatch Concept [Video]

The iWatch rumours have been around for awhile now and Apple seems to be open to make the move in this direction. As Bloomberg’s sources reported earlier this month, a team of 100 product designers are working on a wristwatch project.

The iWatch: an ‘Even More Personal Computer’

Jean-Louis Gassée added his voice to the already much-hyped iWatch rumours, showing a way to see “through the dust” when considering what Apple could do and why it could (or wouldn’t) do it, and how this product — which he calls a “very personal computer” — would fit into the game plan.

Apple’s Human Interface Group Founder Discusses iWatch Potential

An interesting addition to the already growing iWatch rumours dissecting its potential is offered by Bruce Tognazzini, Apple employee No. 66 and founder of Apple’s Human Interface Group. According to his blog post covering what the iWatch could mean, he says an Apple-signed watch could “have a profound impact on our lives and Apple’s fortunes”.

iWatch – Apple Watch Concept with iOS

We have seen many concepts of possible iterations of the next iPhone, but occasional we get to see a concept of a non-existent Apple product. Sweden’s Dogday Designs recently published a line of photos featuring a concept for an Apple designed watch, called the iWatch. It runs on iOS and features a retina display, FaceTime, […]

Latest Concept From ADR Studios: The iWatch 2 [PICS]

Italian designer Antonia De Rosa, who recently released his concept for the iPhone SJ, is now showing off his imagination and talent for design with a fictional production called the iWatch 2. Antonia released the original iWatch back in March of 2010 and, much like Apple, he’s already got the iWatch 2 featured on his […]