Security Expert Demos MacOS Mojave Exploit to Access Keychain Passwords

According to a report by 9to5Mac, security expert Linuz Henze has demonstrated a macOS Mojave exploit on video that allows access to passwords stored in the Keychain app. The researcher has, however, decided not to share the details of the exploit with Apple out of frustration that the company's bug bounty program only applies to iOS and...

macOS High Sierra Vulnerability Allows Third-Party Apps to Access Keychain Data in Plaintext

Apple’s macOS High Sierra, which was released to the public today, contains a vulnerability that lets apps discover Keychain passwords in plaintext. According to Synack research director Patrick Wardle, the vulnerability requires victims to intentionally override built-in security. Wardle was able to leverage the vulnerability to steal logins for websites like Facebook and Bank of America. Wardle said that […]

Apple Removes iCloud Keychain In iOS 7 GM

Apple seeded iOS 7 Golden Master (GM) build to the developers yesterday, the version that will be released to the public on September 18th for installation on all supported devices. However, MacRumors points out that Apple has removed the iCloud Keychain in iOS 7 GM, an option that was previously listed in iCloud preferences but will...