AppTag Laser Blaster Kickstarter Project Brings Laser Tag to your iPhone

Kickstarter has been some to some incredibly successful projects such as the $1.2 million dollar funded Elevation Dock. Now, there’s another cool project, the AppTag Laser Blaster that brings laser tag to your iPhone. Your iPhone or iPod touch attaches to the gun unit via a clamp, and also works to be compatible with existing […]

MobileMount: Double Suction Cup Car Mount and Kickstand

Looks like you’re about to spend more money to fund one of the most interesting Kickstarter projects. MobileMount is a double suction cup mount that also acts as a kickstand. It solves the window mount dilemma for iPhone users that like to go without cases, and even works for those with bulky cases. The high […]

The WINGStand Easily Connects Your iPhone to a Keyboard

If you’re into typing with a full-sized keyboard on your iPhone (or iPad), you will require a stand to do so. You could use your dock, but that only provides portrait mode. To solve this issue, Daniel Haarburger, a student of Stanford has come up with the latest Kickstarter project for Apple users, called the […]

GoPano Micro Allows You to Film 360 Degree Videos from an iPhone 4

Kickstarter is a great site for entrepreneurs to get funding for their projects. We’ve seen popular items blast off like the Glif. This time around, a new project called the GoPano micro will allow you to capture cool 360 degree videos using your iPhone 4. The GoPano micro is a lens for the iPhone 4 […]