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After 131 Years, La Presse Discontinues Weekday Print Editions

As expected, Montreal-based daily newspaper La Presse has stopped printing weekday editions after 131 years of publishing, and has now become the world’s first major print daily newspaper to go 100% digital on weekdays. According to CBC News, the French language newspaper distributed its last weekday print edition today, marking the end of an era. With the exception of its Saturday...

Montreal’s La Presse to Become World’s First 100% Digital Weekday Newspaper

According to The Globe And Mail, Montreal-based daily newspaper La Presse will soon become the world’s first major print daily newspaper to go 100% digital on weekdays, and will position itself as Quebec’s digital news and information leader, as announced by newspaper’s president and publisher Guy Crevier in a note on the official website. Furthermore, the publication is pushing its...

La Presse Expects “Meagre” $40M iPad Investment Recouped in 18-24 Months

Back in April it was revealed Quebec's La Presse had spent $40 million to launch its free iPad-only newspaper, powered by over 300 staff and Apple's Newsstand. Speaking at the Tablet and App Summit currently going on in Berlin, president of La Presse, Guy Crevier shared more details about its iPad investment, according to