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‘Shadow Fight 3’ Soft-Launches on iOS For All Canadian Gamers

Today Nekki's long-awaited sequel Shadow Fight 3 soft-launched in Canada, reads a new report from Pocket Gamer, and all gamers located in Canada have access to the beta - no code needed. According to information released by Nekki, the game will be set several years after the events of Shadow Fight 2 in a world overrun with Shadow Energy. The characters...

Iran Bans ‘Clash of Clans,’ Says It Promotes Tribal Warfare

Access to the hugely popular app Clash of Clans has been blocked in Iran after the Ministry of Justice said they fear it might promote tribal warfare in the country. According to Engadget, the country’s Ministry of Justice recommended  blocking the access to the game for its negative influence to the youth which was claimed to […]

Nintendo’s Super Mario Run Won’t Get More Downloadable Content

Super Mario Run will not be receiving downloadable content (DLC) in the near future, as investors’ disappointment by early sales and reviews dropped Nintendo’s stock price over the past week. During an interview with the Wall Street Journal, a Nintendo spokesperson said that Super Mario Run will not be getting future DLC. This includes both free and paid...

Super Mario Run Hit 10 Million Downloads on Launch Day: Report

Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s first real foray into the world of mobile gaming, launched in the App Store to over 150 countries last week. Needless to say, the game was highly anticipated with over 20 million pre-registrations. Now that the game is officially out, some of the game’s release data has now become available. Super […]

Playing Nintendo’s New ‘Super Mario Run’ Game

Super Mario Run is now out in the wild after being officially released yesterday, and Nintendo has demonstrated that it’s more than capable of developing a fun platformer for another company’s device. In order to help you get Mario running on your phone ASAP, here are some basics regarding the game. Though a version of […]

Sony Plans To Launch “More Than Five” Smartphone Games By 2018

Sony has plans to launch five or more smartphone games in the next couple years as part of the company’s newly formed mobile gaming division, ForwardWorks, according to Reuters. These games, which could launch in March 2018, are reportedly targeting Japan and other parts of Asia. Sony had previously announced that these mobile games will […]