Netflix Canada

Netflix Canada to Debut Original Series ‘Lilyhammer’ on Feb. 6th

Today Netflix announced in a press release it delivered more than 2 billion hours of content watched by 20 million members across 45 countries in the fourth quarter. Netflix Canada recently surpassed 1 million subscribers. Netflix Co-Founder and CEO Reed Hastings: “Netflix delights members by giving them choice, convenience and control over the entertainment they […]

Breaking Bad Now Available on Netflix Canada

As we first noticed a few days ago, Netflix Canada now has seasons 1-3 of AMC’s hit show, Breaking Bad, as announced officially on the Netflix blog: AMC’s Emmy award winning Breaking Bad is now available for our members in Canada! This show is one of the most requested series by our Canadian members and […]

Netflix Canada Plans to Double Content Spending As 2011 Q3 Results in Profit

Today Netflix announced their 2011 Q3 financials and their story in the U.S. wasn’t pretty as they lost over 800,000 subscribers, although their earnings rose 65 percent. However, the situation in Canada is one of their lone shining stars. Netflix Canada now boasts over 1 million members and the company announced the 2011 Q3 quarter […]

Hot Tip: Watch Netflix USA Titles With Your Netflix Canada Account via VPN

Update 1: Some users have experienced HotspotShield disconnecting. The VPN service Hide My Ass is only $6/month and has worked consistently for many iOS and Android users. Check it out here. Others popular VPN services to consider are ExpressVPN (30 days money back guarantee) or Unblock-Us.   Are you still subscribed to Netflix Canada? You […]

How to Track Netflix Canada’s New Releases via RSS

If you’re still part of Netflix Canada’s 1 million subscribers, you probably know by now it’s not easy keeping track of new releases. Although the library continues to get ‘beefed’ up, at times it’s downright frustrating trying to figure out what’s new. One of the easiest ways to track what’s new on Netflix Canada is […]

Netflix Canada’s 1 Millionth Subscriber Wins Lifetime Membership

During Netflix’s most recent earnings report, they mentioned their Canadian division was just short of 1 million subscribers, but that has changed. The milestone was reached last month, when Amanda Bell James from Flin Flon, Manitoba, joined Netflix Canada and won a lifetime membership. Now that’s a nice little surprise. Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO and […]

Netflix Signs With CBS, Brings More TV Shows From CW and Showtime

Two days ago Netflix announced in their 2011 Q2 earnings Canadian subscribers are set to reach one million. Today they’ve announced a deal with CBS, which brings some new TV shows to Netflix Canada. According to PaidContent, Netflix Canada will get current and complete back seasons of the new 90210 from the CW Network, past […]

Netflix Canada Joins Big 3 Broadcasters in Content Shopping in L.A.

Netflix Canada launched last Fall, to mixed fanfare. You either love it or hate it. Sure, the library is improving but there’s no denying Netflix has big plans for its growing Canadian subscribers, on pace to exceed 1 million. They’ve signed deals with Paramount for content, have future plans to stream David Fincher’s TV series […]

Canadian Report Declares Netflix ‘King’ of North American Internet Use

Now this is something that should get the attention of cable companies. Ontario-based Sandvine Corp. has released their report on internet usage for the month of March in North America. Netflix led the pack accounting for 29.7% (growth of 44% since the last report) of all internet bandwidth, surpassing even BitTorrent. “Netflix has surpassed file sharing and […]

Netflix Canada Surpasses 800,000 Subscribers in 7 Months

Netflix Canada launched last September, and since then the streaming media service has seen some phenomenal growth in Canada. The latest quarterly report sent to investors revealed the following about Netflix’s growth in the Great White North: 800,000+ total subscribers now in Canada Last quarter, 290,000 subscribers added in Canada (growth of 57%) By June […]

Netflix Canada Now Uses Two-Thirds Less Bandwidth

If you’re a Netflix user in Canada worried about usage-based billing (UBB) and exceeding your bandwidth, you can worry a little less now. Netflix just sent the following email out to its users, emphasizing shows in Canada will now use two-thirds less data without degrading the quality of your video: Dear Gary, Starting today, watching […]