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German Court Dismisses $2 Billion Damage Claim Against Apple

A German court has dismissed a $2 billion damage claim filed against Apple by IPCom, a patent licencing company based in the Munich area, reports Florian Müller of Foss Patents. The decision comes from two different panels of judges of the Mannheim Regional Court. Two lawsuits against Apple, including one involving a €1.57 billion ($2.2...

Patent Trolls File 92 Lawsuits Against Apple in Three Years

We pointed out last year, based on available data, that Apple is the No.1 target of patent trolls. In a recent filing, the iPhone maker itself pointed to the long list of patent litigations that has kept the company's lawyers busy during the past three years. "No firm has been targeted by PAEs more than...

Apple No. 1 Target of Patent Trolls

Non-practicing entities (NPEs), or in other words, patent trolls, have attacked Apple the most (alongside HP and Samsung) during the past five years, according to Michael Brody, a Silicon Valley lawyer speaking at the Hot Chips conference at Stanford University on Tuesday (via TechHive, Tinh te). (more…)