Judge Rules Samsung Did Not Willfully Infringe on Apple Patents

In a series of rulings filed late Tuesday, U.S. District Court Judge Judy Koh ruled Samsung did not willfully infringe on some of Apple’s patents and also denied the former’s request for a new trial. According to the ruling conclusion posted online by AppleInsider: For aforementioned reasons, the Court GRANTS Samsung’s motion for judgment as a […]

Apple, Google Win U.S. Court Approval for $527M Bid for Kodak Patents

Bloomberg reports U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Allan Gropper in Manhattan approved the $527 million deal Apple, Google and other tech companies bid to purchase patents from Kodak. The latter was “disappointed” with the final price, as a previous advisory firm estimated the company could get $2 billion out of the patents: Michael Torkin, an attorney for Kodak, […]

Apple and Google Place Joint $500 Million Bid to Buy Kodak’s Patents

Bloomberg reports Apple and Google have teamed up to buy Kodak’s patents, offering a joint bid of more than $500 million: Apple Inc. and Google Inc. have joined forces to offer more than $500 million to buy Eastman Kodak Co.’s patents out of bankruptcy, said two people with knowledge of the situation. The two companies, […]

Judge Koh Says Apple-HTC Patent Settlement Details Will Not Be Sealed

Back in November Apple and HTC announced a settlement to its ongoing patent disputes, working out a 10 year licensing agreement. Samsung’s lawyers wanted to see the details of the settlement and Apple and HTC agreed to show a redacted version of leaving out pricing and royalty rates. Eventually U.S. court Judge Paul Grewal granted […]

Apple, Google Look at Possible Arbitration to End War on ‘Standard’ Patents

Accusations of patent infringement have become so common among the major mobile device manufacturers that they are already bordering on cliche. Court systems the world-wide are filled to capacity with finger-pointing and filings dealing with who copied who and details that really just amount to corporate white noise. Consumers are confused and for the most […]

Apple Acquires 1,024 Patents from Rockstar Consortium to Beef Up Portfolio

According to a report from the Yonhap News (via Business Insider), Apple has purchased 1,024 patents from Rockstar Consortium (formerly Rockstar Bidco), the patent company created by Apple (which owns a 58% stake), Microsoft, Research In Motion, Sony, and Ericsson that acquired 4000 of Nortel’s remaining patents for $4.5 billion dollars last July. Rockstar Consortium describes […]

Apple Awarded Patents For iPad 2 Design & iOS Device Screen Rotation

Apple has been granted patents for screen rotation feature found in all its iOS devices as well as three design related patents for iPad 2, reports Patently Apple via The US Patent and Trademark Office who published a series of 28 newly granted patents for Apple today. The report details that Apple lost its bid to nix a patent troll’s […]

Apple Acquires Many LTE Patents To Prevent Possible Samsung Lawsuit

Apple has recently acquired many LTE patents in effort to deflect a potential lawsuit from the South Korean Samsung. After losing the case against Apple; Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-hee mentioned striking back if the iPhone was released with LTE. Considering the iPad has LTE, the iPhone without question should include LTE. Chosun has details on Apple and Samsung’s LTE […]