Retina Display

Sony & Hitachi Begin Shipping 4-Inch Displays For iPhone 5?

A Japanese Mac blog, Macotakara (via Apple Insider), is claiming that Sony Mobile Display Corporation and Hitachi Displays have begun shipping 4-inch displays for a new iOS device. Though the blog doesn’t elaborate which device the new displays will be used for, but the obvious choice seems to be the redesigned iPhone 5 which is strongly rumored to […]

Apple To Replace Samsung With Sharp As iPhone / iPad Display Supplier

Back in April, we reported that the sixth generation iPhone could feature much thinner and lighter Sharp’s poly-silicon LCDs which would go into production at a dedicated facility developed by Sharp by the end of year 2012. Few days back, we published another report via Digitimes that Apple might have cancelled the iPad 3 launch in 2011 […]

‘iPhone 6’ Will Feature Sharp’s Poly-Silicon LCDs in 2012?

The iPhone 5 hasn’t even been announced, but the latest report indicates next-generation LCD panels from Sharp will power the sixth generation iPhone in 2012. Japanese newspaper Nikkan reports Sharp’s primary facility used for building LCD TVs has started to prepare equipment for production. What exactly are the benefits of this new LCD technology from […]

Apple Posts New iPhone TV Ad – Retina Display

Right on the heels of the latest iPhone TV ad that focused on Game Center, Apple has released a new ad that focuses on the Retina Display. The commercial can be seen below: The Retina Display on the iPhone 4 is by far one of my favourite features. The crisp, clear display is a real […]

The Problem With a 4-inch ‘iPhone 5′ Display

Recent rumours from Digitimes indicated that the next iPhone will sport a 4″ display and house a next-generation A5 chip. Other rumours from the WSJ hint at an iPhone ‘Nano’ with and ‘edge to edge’ screen. We won’t know if any of these come to life until they happen. But in regards to the 4″ display, TUAW […]

Infinity Blade: The Fastest Grossing App of All Time

One of the most highly anticipated iOS games, Infinity Blade, was released four days ago. From the makers of Unreal Tournament, Infinity Blade sports some of the best graphics you’ll ever see on an iOS device, especially on the Retina Display of the iPhone 4. Infinity Blade Now the Fastest Grossing App of All Time […]

iPhone 4 vs iPod Touch 4 HD Video Comparison

The new fourth generation iPod Touch debuted with the Retina Display and 720p video recording capabilities. The iPod Touch is like an iPhone without the phone, GPS, and 5mp camera. Obviously Apple could not include all of those features and keep pricing the same for the iPod Touch line up. That’s wishful thinking. The blog […]

Today’s iPod Event Summary: What You Need to Know

Today’s live streamed Apple iPod Event was seen by a lot of people, yet the stream held up except for a few choppy bits during the new iTV demo. It was really interesting to hear about the announcements made today, so this post will include “musings” over the updates released today and some info you […]

Is the iPhone 4 ‘Retina Display’ Actually True?

One of the most anticipated new features of the iPhone 4 is Apple’s so called Retina Display. During the 2010 WWDC Keynote, Steve Jobs went on to tell the audience that the new Retina Display output provides more DPI than the human retina can handle. Was he correct in making those claims? Raymond Soneira Calls […]