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Norway Law: Instagram Influencers Need to Label Retouched Photos

Advertisers in Norway, including social media 'influencers' running paid marketing programs, will soon be subject to a new law that will require them to disclose photos that have been retouched to alter the physical appearance of human subjects as such — reports CNET. Norway's king will determine when the new regulations, passed last month as...

French Government Allowed to Monitor Social Media for Tax Cheats

France will soon be monitoring social media accounts to catch suspected tax evaders. According to a new report from Reuters, France's constitutional court ruled on Friday that the government can pursue plans to trawl social media to detect tax avoidance, although it introduced limitations on what information can be collected following a privacy outcry. "The new...

Politicians Say Social Media Companies Are Not Taking Canadian Laws Seriously

At a meeting of the House of Commons access to information, privacy, and ethics committee last week, several members of the parliament raised concerns over the role of social media companies ahead of this year’s federal election, saying that they are not taking Canadian laws seriously (via Global News). Toronto Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith raked Google Canada...

Elections Canada Warns Tech Giants of Fines If Political Ad Rules Violated

Earlier this month, it was reported that Ottawa might take measures to regulate social media firms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google as part of its ongoing efforts to safeguard the upcoming elections. Today, Elections Canada has informed all online social media platforms that they must comply with the new political advertising rules and has also warned them...

YouTube Rolls Out New iOS Sharing Feature in Canada Only

YouTube has started rolling out its built-in share feature for users in Canada. The new Shared tab which had been undergoing tests for months can only be accessed via an invite system outside Canada. While YouTube did allow the users to create a profile, playlists, and comment on videos in the past, it has taken another major […]

Duolingo Goes Social With Latest ‘Language Clubs’ Update

Duolingo, the popular language learning platform, is gaining new social functionalities with its latest update. The update comes at a ripe time as more and people will probably look to learn new languages as part of their New Year resolutions. The new feature, released today, is worth checking out if you’re going to be traveling […]

Twitter Debuts 360-Degree Live Video With Periscope

Twitter is adding live 360-degree video streams to its service, courtesy of Periscope, according to a new blog post from the social media giant. The company officially rolled out support for live 360-degree video streams on Wednesday, allowing users of Twitter’s and Periscope’s apps and website to pan within a live stream simply by moving […]

Twitter To Cut Hundreds Of Jobs As Losses Mount [REPORT]

According to a new report from Bloomberg, social media giant Twitter is planning on laying off up to 300 people, or about 8 percent of its workforce. These job cuts could potentially be announced before the company reports its third-quarter earnings, and the number of jobs affected could change, Bloomberg said.   A Twitter spokeswoman […]

Apple Developing Snapchat-Like Video App: Bloomberg

Citing people familiar with the matter, Bloomberg reports that Apple is working on a video sharing and editing app for iOS, an effort that is part of the company’s strategy to integrate social networking apps within its mobile operating system. Apple’s previous foray in social media services — think Ping — was unsuccessful, and there...