Starbucks ‘Pick of the Week’: Paul McCartney Single

This week’s Starbucks ‘Pick of the Week’ is not an app, but a free song from iTunes. It appears each week the picks alternate between an app and a song, a couple weeks back we saw a Leonard Cohen single. Last week, we saw EA’s version of Tetris for iOS up for grabs (prior to […]

Starbucks Canada’s Free App Pick of the Week: Tetris

We first told you about the launch of App Store apps as part of Starbucks Canada’s ‘Pick of the Week’. This was previously only available in the U.S., just like the ability to pay for drinks with the Starbucks iPhone app. Boy, times sure have changed, eh? Every Tuesday, a new ‘Pick of the Week’ […]

Snapseed is Currently Free as Part of Starbucks’ App Pick of the Week

Earlier we first reported Starbucks Canada had started the inclusion of App Store promo codes as part of their ‘Pick of the Week’, something that was previously exclusive to our neighbours in the U.S. Last week it was Scrabble, and now this week the incredible photo editor Snapseed is up for grabs ($4.99 value). Customers […]

Starbucks Launches New “Pick Of The Week” For iPhone Apps

Expanding on their “Pick of the Week” program for music, which launched in 2008, Starbucks is now serving up free weekly apps. Since 2008, Starbucks customers have been able to visit a location and pick up a small card with an iTunes code for a free song or music video. You can now do the […]