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Apple 2010 Q4 Results: 14.1M iPhone Sold, Jobs Blasts RIM

Today Apple announced their 2010 Q4 fiscal earnings via their regular conference call. The results of their most recent quarter are staggering. Here’s a breakdown of their financial numbers: Record revenue of $20.34 billion (year ago quarter: $12.21 billion) Net quarterly profit: $4.31 billion (year ago quater: $2.53 billion) International sales accounted for 57% of […]

App Store Guidelines Revised: From the Mouth of Steve Jobs?

Apple has revised their App Store guidelines for developers and it contains some pretty simple language. I took a few moments to read through this and I actually found these quite humourous, almost like it was straight from the mouth of Steve Jobs. This straight from the hip language is reminiscent of what Steve would […]

Over One Million Registered Ping Users in 48 Hours

Part of Apple’s big iPod announcement was the news about iTunes 10 and the new Ping music social network. This new network is a combination of “twitter + facebook” for music lovers, and it’s built right into iTunes. Apple has just announced in a press release that Ping users have topped one million in the […]

RIM Responds To Apple’s Press Conference

Yesterday saw Apple CEO Steve Jobs defend and reiterate (and also announce the iPhone 4 launch date in Canada will be on July 30th!) that the iPhone 4 “Antennagate” has been blown out of proportion. During this press conference, the presentation included a demo that showed other smartphones exhibited the same erratic signal distortion behaviour if […]

Breaking Down the iPhone 4 Reception Issues

So it looks like the iPhone 4 reception saga continues. Early iPhone 4 users in the USA reported of imminent signal degradation when they held their iPhones in the bottom left hand corner. As more users get their hands on the iPhone 4, this issue is becoming extremely widespread. Steve Jobs Responds to iPhone 4 […]

2010 WWDC iPhone 4 Keynote Video Stream Now Available

Today was a big day for all iPhone lovers as Steve Jobs introduced the newest iPhone 4 to kick off the 2010 WWDC. The iPhone 4 comes with new features such as HD video recording and video calling. iPhone 4 has some new features and will be launched in Canada in late July by Rogers, […]

2010 WWDC Predictions: iPhone HD/4G Plus…What Else?

June 7th has finally arrived! Today kicks off the 2010 WWDC where Apple is expected to announce the next iPhone HD/4G, which we have already seen thanks to Gizmodo (which, funny enough, they did not get press passes to WWDC). We’ve seen videos of the next iPhone and tear downs as well. Apple might not […]

Steve Jobs at D8: iPhone Came From Multitouch Tablet Idea

Have you heard about the D: All Things Digital conference? Started in 2003 by the Wall Street Journal the conference has been on the forefront of debuting new technology and having some of the tech industry’s most influential speakers participating. Yesterday’s guest was Apple CEO Steve Jobs–who had a lot to talk about with hosts […]

Gawker Media vs Steve Jobs in Email Flame War

We all know that Steve Jobs is unlike any corporate CEO. He’s willing to go ‘tit for tat’ with customers that email him about issues or concerns. Steve also is pretty clear that he doesn’t like Adobe’s Flash plugin. When Gawker’s Ryan Tate decided to email Jobs after the latest iPad commercial irritated him. What […]

Steve Jobs Declares His “Thoughts on Flash” [Update: Adobe Responds]

Many people have longed for Flash on the iPhone. Apple’s position on this matter is that Flash is a resource-heavy third party plugin that is not an “open” web standard. Without Flash on the iPhone, users cannot view certain web pages, videos, and play Flash games. Apple has advocated HTML5 publicly as an alternative to […]

Cook Gets $5 Million to Fill in for Jobs

Modmyi is reporting today, that Timothy Cook, the guy who covered for Steve Jobs, while he was on medical leave, received a $5 million dollar bonus to take the reigns of Apple for fiscal 2009. These were definitely some big shoes to fill, but it seems the company was very happy with the way Tim […]

The Oscars Featuring Steve Jobs and iPad Commercials

The 2010 Academy Awards took place yesterday and guess who was spotted on the red carpet by Wayne Sutton? None other than ‘the man’ himself, Steve Jobs. That’s right folks, he was probably there to support Pixar with the nominations Up! received. Also interesting to note was the first official iPad commercial debuted last night […]