Apple Needs to Pay VirnetX $502.8 Million in Royalties Says Jury

The latest jury verdict in their decade-long legal showdown holds Apple liable to paying 502.8 million USD to VirnetX in royalties for the latter’s patented Intellectual Property (IP) in secure communications, reports Bloomberg. VirnetX filed lawsuit after lawsuit against Apple, claiming the tech pioneer infringed upon patents for technologies it originally developed for the U.S. Central […]

Apple Ordered to Pay $625 Million in VirnetX VPN Patent Dispute

According to a new report from Fortune, Apple was today found guilty of willfully infringing on four patents in an ongoing dispute with VirnetX and has been ordered to pay $625 million in damages. The patents in question relate to virtual private networking (VPN) protocols. In today's ruling, the jury decided that Apple's FaceTime and...

Apple Owes $532 Million for Infringing Patents, VirnetX Claims

VirnetX Holding Corp. claims Apple owes the company $532 million for using its patented technology for communication services such as iMessage and FaceTime, reports Bloomberg. Fact is, the patent troll has already won a $368.2 million verdict against the iPhone maker in 2012, but two years later an appeals court ordered a review of whether the FaceTime...