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White iPhone 4 Now Ships In 24 Hours From Apple Canada

The white iPhone 4 seems to have finally caught up with demand, as the Apple Canada online store has been updated with new shipping times for the iPhone 4. Previously shipping within 1 – 2 business days, white (and black) iPhone 4 purchases now ship within 24 hours. Available for $659/$779 for the 16/32 GB, […]

White iPhone 4 Shipping Times Drop To 1-2 Days

For those having trouble locating an unlocked white iPhone 4, or if you don’t live near an Apple Store, the shipping times for the white iPhone 4 have dropped to 1-2 days on the Apple Canada Online Store. Available for $659/$779 for the 16/32 GB, iPhones purchased through the Apple Online Store are sold unlocked […]

Comparison Of New White iPhone 4 & Originally Leaked White iPhone 4

Nick Bilton, a NYTimes blog writer, has set up a comparison of the original (leaked) white iPhone 4, that did not make it to production, with the official newly released white iPhone 4. Bilton has outlined three slight differences between the two iPhone 4 devices: 1.) Yellowing discoloration on the original white iPhone 4 (Ed. […]

Consumer Reports: White iPhone 4 Is Not Thicker

With the launch of the white iPhone 4, reports of the device being slightly thicker than its black counterpart made headlines. Savvy users compared the two devices side by side which revealed the white iPhone 4 being a little thicker. Days later, Apple VP of Worldwide Marketing indicated that the white iPhone 4 was not […]

Apple’s Phil Schiller Says White iPhone 4 Is Not Thicker

Hours after the white iPhone 4 was released, savvy users immediately noticed that the new white device was slightly thicker than its black colored counterpart. Today, in an unusual move, Apple VP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller challenged the observation in a direct message via Twitter to Ernesto Barron. Schiller insisted that the white model […]

White iPhone 4 is 0.2mm Thicker Than Black Version

The white iPhone 4 officially hit Apple.ca early this morning. Yesterday we heard from Apple executives explaining why the white iPhone 4 was delayed. With the release of the white iPhone 4, it appears this model is 0.2 millimetres thicker than the black version. A MacRumors forum member noticed his phone wasn’t fitting properly into […]

Apple Online Store Updated With White iPhone 4, 3-5 Days Shipping Time

After a brief period of downtime, the Apple Canada Online Store is back online but now featuring the white iPhone 4. The new white device is listed beside the black iPhone 4 at the same price points of $659/$779 for the 16/32 GB. iPhones purchased through the Apple Online Store are sold unlocked and without […]

Apple Retail Has Prepped for the White iPhone 4: Are You Buying One? [Video]

The coveted white iPhone 4 is being released tomorrow according to Apple (here’s why it was delayed). Our sources have confirmed Apple retail stores have already started prepping locations for tomorrow’s launch, and that locations could have up to 500 units ready to go. Here’s a video of the Sherway Gardens Apple Store being prepped […]

Apple Reveals Why the White iPhone 4 Was Delayed

Over at Mobilized, they had the opportunity to ask Apple executives questions about iOS tracking, and also about why the mysterious white iPhone 4 took so long to hit production. Senior VP Phil Schiller explained the colour of the phone and how it acted with components led to unexpected issues to arise. Turns out the […]

You Can Still Jailbreak the White iPhone 4 with Limera1n

Are you buying a white iPhone 4? Maybe you already have one. You might be asking yourself, “can the white iPhone 4 be jailbroken?”. The answer is a big YES, thanks to confirmation via former Apple employee @dpdesilva: Already confirmed but good to reiterate; white iPhone 4 is jailbreakable via#limera1n iPhone hacker @chronic was informed via […]

Fido Stores Begin Receiving White iPhone 4

Yesterday, Canada was one of the first countries to sell the white iPhone 4. We brought you exclusive first-hand pics from Future Shop, as units were available for Bell customers. Today, Apple officially announced the white iPhone 4 is coming tomorrow. Thanks to the tipster “FidoHound”, we’ve received evidence of white iPhone 4 units hitting […]

Death Grip & Proximity Sensor Demoed On White iPhone 4

The white iPhone 4 has finally arrived, super super late, but arrived nonetheless. Launching tomorrow across Apple Stores in Canada, the device is reportedly “beautiful”. With a new model of device and color, some may be wondering what’s new? Well, nothing is new actually. It’s the same, almost year-old, iPhone 4 but in white. The […]